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  • The famous hand-woven fabrics of Unye, which lost their importance during last the years, are now returning to the Turkish Handcrafts scene with OMV’s support.
  • The looms and threads provided by OMV Samsun Elektrik during the opening of Unye Weaving House from CATOM (Unye Multi-Purpose Community Center) will allow local women to distribute their handcrafts throughout Turkey.

Currently investing in a natural gas combined cycle power plant in Samsun, Kozluk near to Ordu’s Unye district, OMV brings Unye’s women fabrics, which make part of an almost forgotten handcraft into life, in line with its policy to support communities in the regions the company operates.

Within the scope of the "Unye Weaving Project" initiated by Unye Multi-Purpose Community Center (CATOM) and supported by the District Governor’s office, OMV Samsun Elektrik provided 8 looms, silk and linen threads for the Unye Multi-purpose Community Center. Unye Multi-purpose Community Center is located in a three-storey building provided by the District Governor’s office. Women frequenting CATOM will be contributing to the family and national economy by distributing their handcrafts throughout Turkey.

Unye Multi-Purpose Community Center was opened by Ordu MP’s Idris Naim Sahin and Mustafa Hamarat on April 28, 2013. The opening ceremony was also attended by Ordu Governor Orhan Düzgün, District Governor Mustafa Demir, Unye CATOM President Selma Hasdemir and OMV Samsun Elektrik General Manager Korkut Öztürkmen.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, Korkut Ozturkmen, OMV Samsun Elektrik General Manager stated that they were delighted to contribute to a local handcraft and to a project that creates jobs for women. Selma Hasdemir, President of Unye CATOM said "Development of women is one of the major factors for the development of the society. For this purpose, Unye Weaving Project creates employment opportunities for women, and creates an advantageous environment for women who get educated here. We are pleased to have OMV Samsun Elektrik contribution as the project sponsor".

About ÇATOM (Multipurpose Community Centers):

GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Administration is managing a series of projects aimed to reduce poverty by combining economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development, to promote participative approaches, to increase capacity and to support disadvantageous groups and gender perspectives. One of the most important initiatives that support these aims is the Multipurpose Community Centers (CATOM) project. Multipurpose Community Centers are based on the Social Action Plan created according to the findings of five core studies conducted by the GAP Administration between the years 1992 and 1994 and on the Action Plan prepared according to one of these core studies, "The Status and Integration into the Development Process of Women in the GAP Region". The first Multipurpose Community Center that aims to cater to young and adult women was opened in 1995; today, there are 30 community centers in 9 GAP cities.

About OMV:

OMV entered the Turkish energy market in 2006 as a shareholder of Petrol Ofisi, one of Turkey’s fuel products distribution and lubricants companies. Considering Turkey as a new regional hub, the company operates in fuel products supply & marketing, natural gas & electricity sales and construction & operation of power plants. OMV currently has a workforce of 1.070 employees in Turkey. 

With sales of TRY 20.2 bn in 2012, OMV Petrol Ofisi is the second largest private company of Turkey. The company is Turkey’ s leading fuel products distribution and lubricants company with 2.270 filling stations, 1 lubricants plant, 11 fuel and 3 LPG filling terminals, 25 aviation units and over 1.3 million m³ storage capacity.

OMV Gaz ve Enerji Satış (Gas & Power Sales) started supplying natural gas in the scope of the license for natural gas wholesale as of 2012, achieving a delivery of approximately 920 million m³ natural gas at the end of the year. Additionally OMV conducts LNG (Liquidified Natural Gas) sales operations and aims to grow its business in the natural gas market of Turkey.

OMV’s 870 MW combined cycle power plant in Samsun, will meet around 3% of Turkey’s energy need. Becoming one of Turkey’s most efficient power plants, it will generate approximately 6-7 billion kW/h electricity and provide a significant contribution to power supply of the region and the country.


OMV is using the Resourcefulness concept to actively implement responsible behavior across the entire value chain. The goal is to create win-win situations for society, the environment and OMV through innovative solutions. The focus is on water and CO2 management, securing future energy resources and local education and development measures with a focus on support for women. OMV is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and an active supporter of social and ecological values. The company reports on its activities in a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.

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