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The new OMV Top Wash is just in time for spring cleaning

March 1, 2011 - 10:00 am (CET)

  • In eleven European countries, OMV is starting up a standardized OMV Top Wash offer and presenting its new car wash design
  • Starting March 1, three new OMV Top Wash programs options will be available
  • As a kick-off bonus, a free car care set will come with each OMV Top Wash Sensation Program

Just in time for spring cleaning, OMV is standardizing its Top Wash offer in eleven European countries and all OMV Top Wash car washes will be using top-quality car wash chemical technology from Caramba. All those drivers who want to free their cars from the last remaining winter road salt residue can test the three new OMV Top Wash programs at more then 150 OMV filling stations with car washes in Austria, starting on March 1, 2011.

There are many reasons to treat a car to a special wash. Especially in spring a professional car wash is necessary to free the vehicle from the entire residue that can damage its body. A good, thorough clean also will give a car back its radiant appearance and reduce rust formation to help extend the life of the car. With a glossy finish and no rust to blemish its good looks, a car's resale value is even higher. And finally, those drivers who regularly bring their cars to the car wash also save on costly repairs.

Wash, protect and dry!
Starting March 1, 2011, OMV customers at more than 800 OMV filling stations with OMV Top Wash car washes in eleven European countries can choose just the right wash for their cars from the three different programs on offer. These programs are designed to take care of different cleansing needs - ranging from the Top Wash Standard Wash for light cleansing up to the Top Wash Sensation Wash for extra special intensive car care. In eight minutes, the new Top Wash Sensation Program sprays your car twice with active cleansing foam, gives it a high-pressure pre-wash before a thorough scrub - wheels and rims as well as a under-chassis wash included - followed by a TOPWAX massage and, as a final touch, a good polish so it shines like new.

Standardized OMV Top Wash Programs guarantee quality
In OMV customers in Austria can take advantage of a comprehensive network of professional car washes. All OMV car washes offer gentle, but thorough cleansing - guaranteed by standardized and optimized programs as well as continuous quality control.

According to Harald Joichl, Head of OMVs Filling Station Business in Austria and Germany: "While re-launching our OMV Top Wash program, we've kept in mind the needs of our customers which is why we've paid special attention to simplifying the program structure, providing a quicker wash service and ensuring a good value for the same high quality standards. Additionally, we have recently begun using top-quality cleansing products from Caramba in all our OMV Top Wash facilities."

New car wash design
To make things both simpler and more logical from the point of view of the customer, the OMV Top Wash design has also been completely overhauled. "With this re-launch, we want to strengthen and extend our premium position in the car wash segment while also offering our customers standardized, self-explanatory orientation," commented Joichl.

Free car care set as a kick-off promotion
Throughout the promotion in March, OMV customers who purchase the OMV Top Wash Sensation Program will also receive a free auto care set comprised of a Caramba Magic Wonder cleaning spray as well as a Caramba microfibre cloth and an OMV Top Wash air freshener.

More information about OMV Top Wash can be found at

Background information:

OMV Aktiengesellschaft
With Group sales of EUR 23.32 bn and a workforce of 31,398 employees in 2010, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. As the leading energy Group in the European growth belt, OMV is active in Refining & Marketing (R&M) in 13 countries. In Exploration & Production (E&P) OMV holds a balanced international E&P portfolio In Gas & Power (G&P) OMV sells approximately 18 bcm gas per year. Through its 2,000 km long gas pipeline network in Austria G&P transports approximately 89 bcm gas annually. OMV’s Central European Gas Hub is with around 34 bcm annual trading volume one of the most important gas hubs in Continental Europe.

OMV is the leading energy Group in the European growth belt with oil and gas reserves of approximately 1.15 bn boe, daily production of around 318,000 boe in 2010 and an annual refining capacity of approximately 26 mn t. The Group further strengthened its leading position in the European growth belt through the acquisition of a majority stake in Petrol Ofisi, Turkey’s leading company in the retail and commercial business. OMV now has approx. 4,800 filling stations incl. Petrol Ofisi. The market share of the group in the R&M business segment in the Danube Region is approx. 20%.

Under its 3plus strategy, OMV combines the strengths of its E&P, G&P and R&M business units in order to ensure that it provides the best possible supply service to its three core markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe and Turkey. OMV uses the synergies that result from the combination of these strengths to extend its supply chain from oil and gas through to electricity and eventually renewable energy.

OMV is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and an active supporter to the values enshrined in its Code of Conduct. These include a strong sense of responsibility towards the social and natural environment, especially in economically weak regions. OMV continuously addresses economic, environmental and social issues related to its business in a responsible manner. The Company reports on its activities in a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. This report is published at the same time as the annual report.

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