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OMV opens hydrogen filling station in Innsbruck

May 21, 2015 - 01:40 pm (CEST)

  • OMV and the state of Tyrol take important step towards emission-free transport.
  • OMV sees hydrogen as key technology for the future.
  • New filling stations allow fuel cell cars to go from Stuttgart to Verona.

Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf, Member of the Government of Tyrol and Alois Wach, Head of OMV and Avanti filling stations in Austria and Germany, unveiled Tyrol´s first hydrogen filling station today. OMV, the integrated, international oil and gas company, has thereby taken an important step in expanding Austria’s infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles. The new filling station is on one of Europe’s most crucial transit routes and will make it possible for drivers to go from Stuttgart to Verona with a fuel cell vehicle.

Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf, Member of the Government of Tyrol: "Today´s opening of the OMV hydrogen filling station represents the cornerstone for emission-free transport in Tyrol. As a state which suffers from intense transit traffic leading to CO2, particulate matter and noise, we are eager to embrace a future of emission-free hydrogen. That’s why we Tyroleans welcome OMV’s commitment on this critical Trans-European traffic axis."

Hydrogen is the first choice of future fuel technologies for OMV Manager Alois Wach: "I am convinced that there will be a wide range of options for future transport: from economical cars powered by diesel or petrol to urban electric scooters through to fuel cell vehicles. Our R&D focus is on fuel cells and therefore on hydrogen. This innovation fits in well with our core business, as our refineries already produce large quantities of hydrogen for industrial use. This element is available in practically unlimited quantities and is as good as emission-free - a major step towards a greener future on the road."

The hydrogen filling station in Innsbruck is part of a major European Union initiative to introduce hydrogen on the road. A total of 15 international partners are taking part in the so-called demo project "HyFIVE", one of which is OMV. The filling station in Tyrol is part of "Hydrogen Cluster South", which runs from Stuttgart via Munich to Verona. Four hydrogen stations have already been built in these cities. There will soon be five hydrogen vehicles on the roads of Tyrol.

OMV opened the first public hydrogen filling station in Vienna in 2012 and the expansion of further stations is planned for the coming years. OMV is a member of H2-Mobility Deutschland GmbH, whose goal is to build around 400 hydrogen filling stations in Germany by 2023. Additional filling stations are also planned in Austria, for example in the Greater Linz region. Hydrogen offers exactly what drivers and the automotive industry need: similar ranges of up to 600 km for cars and quick stops to fuel up.

At a glance:

  • OMV is a partner of the hyFIVE project.
  • hyFIVE is the EU’s largest initiative for hydrogen on the road.
  • The European project involves 15 partners and 110 fuel cell vehicles.
  • OMV is part of the South Cluster, alongside the clusters "Copenhagen Region" and "London".
  • The hyFIVE budget totals around EUR 38 mn.
  • The project has been subsidized by the EU as part of the "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking" program.

Background information:

OMV Aktiengesellschaft
With Group sales of EUR 36 bn and a workforce of around 25,500 employees in 2014, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. In Upstream, OMV has a strong base in Romania and Austria and a balanced international portfolio. 2014 daily production stood at approximately 309,000 boe/d. In Downstream, OMV has an annual refining capacity of 17.8 mn tonnes and approximately 4,100 filling stations in 11 countries as of end of 2014. OMV operates a gas pipeline network in Austria and gas storage facilities in Austria and Germany. In 2014, gas sales volumes amounted to 123 TWh.

OMV´s Sustainability
OMV’s sustainability strategy combines economic activity with responsible behavior. This strategy aims to create long-term and sustainable win-win situations for society, the environment, and OMV.
We place special attention to safety, environmental management, to secure alternative energy sources as well as local educational and development initiatives, focusing on women. OMV is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact.