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New OMV route planner helps hauliers to save costs

August 24, 2009 - 11:00 am (CET)

  • OMV Fuel Navigator optimizes fuel stops from the British Isles to Russia
  • Daily up-dated information about fuel prices including individual customer discounts
  • Comprehensive cost overview including fuel prices, toll charges and other expenses on the road
  • Starting from September 1, 2009 available at

Within the scope of the OMV EuroTruck product and service package, introduced in 2007,  OMV, the leading energy group in the European growth belt, is demonstrating once again its pioneering role in the commercial road transport business: OMV has developed a new online tool, which enables the cost-sensitive road haulage industry to optimize truck routes via cost-effective fuel stops. The so-called OMV Fuel Navigator illustrates and calculates all important information about the optimal route along a certain selected distance across Europe in 16 different languages.

To date road transport operators have had to rely on a number of different systems in order to be able to retrieve all the information needed to optimize transport routes: route planning software to calculate distance, price lists to determine fuel stops and databases to keep track of toll charges and other road fees. This lengthy search is no longer necessary: OMV Fuel Navigator has combined all these search functions into one single system.

OMV Fuel Navigator provides transparency and reduces costs
OMV Fuel Navigator is directly available on the Internet, with no download or installation procedure necessary. With only a few clicks of the mouse, the selected route is displayed online as a detailed map. The route can be planned according to different criteria and at the same time, updated fuel prices at each single filling station on the way can be retrieved online – along with individual discounts for OMV customers. The outcome is a cost-optimized route.

OMV Fuel Navigator covers the entire European continent from the British Isles to Russia, is available in 16 different languages and encompasses a total of 2,200 filling stations of both the
OMV and ROUTEX affiliated network. For road haulage operators, over 700 filling stations specifically design to accommodate heavy goods vehicles, are included in the route planner.
Steen Frederiksen, Head of OMV Commercial Road Transport business said: “Our major aim for the OMV Fuel Navigator is to support our customers as strongly as we can in saving costs.”

Comprehensive, clearly-structured and user-friendly
Despite the numerous functions, OMV Fuel Navigator is particularly user-friendly. Leading transport operators were involved in its development in order to tailor-make this tool to their specific needs. OMV Fuel Navigator provides the following features:

  • plans the quickest and shortest route and optimizes fuel stops
  • displays OMV and ROUTEX-4-TRUCKS filling stations along the selected route
  • shows updated fuel prices including individual customer discounts and calculates total costs including toll charges for the selected route
  • provides information about filling stations’ opening hours, access routes and equipment
  • keeps track of fuel consumption levels and suggests how to optimize fuel
  • displays driving times and planned stops
  • takes into account vehicle parameters such as height and weight (important for bridges and tunnels) for the route calculation
  • saves profiles for the next route planning
  • creates PDF files with all relevant information which can be digitally forwarded, for instance, to the driver
  • works well on each and every computer with internet access – no downloads, installation of licenses are necessary.

Useful also for vehicle fleets
Alongside the road transport business, OMV Fuel Navigator also works to support other companies with a vehicle fleet (cars and trucks). Optimized routes, information about the entire OMV network and ROUTEX-4-TRUCKS filling stations, up-to-date and individual fuel prices help manage a company’s vehicle fleet on a daily basis.

OMV EuroTruck Network grows
OMV EuroTruck represents a product and service package with a filling station network tailor-made to the specific needs of the commercial road transport business.16 of the OMV Euro Truck stations are already available in Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Romania. By year-end further stations will be opened in Romania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Croatia. A total of 45 OMV EuroTruck filling stations are planned along the main European traffic routes by 2012.

With OMV Euro Truck Card, truck drivers can fill up with diesel and AdBlue without the need for cash, around the clock and 7 days a week. This applies not only to all OMV EuroTruck filling stations but also to all OMV filling stations and to more than 20,000 filling stations on the ROUTEX affiliated network across 36 countries. In the same way, toll charges and other road fees along with recovery and customer support services in case of breakdown can be calculated online.

In addition to offering cashless tank filling, OMV EuroTruck’s full-service package also encompasses the reimbursement of country-specific value-added taxes, protection against card abuse, online card and fleet management as well as the new OMV Fuel Navigator starting from September 1, 2009.

OMV Aktiengesellschaft

With Group sales of EUR 25.54 bn and a workforce of 41,282 employees in 2008, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. As the leading energy group in the European growth belt, OMV is active in Refining and Marketing (R&M) in 13 countries. In Exploration and Production (E&P) OMV is active in 17 countries on four continents. In Gas & Power (G&P) OMV sells approximately 13 bcm gas per year. Via Baumgarten, one of the most important turntables for gas in Europe, approximately 66 bcm gas is transported annually. OMV’s Central European Gas Hub is amongst the three largest hubs in Continental Europe.

OMV is the leading energy group in the European growth belt with oil and gas reserves of approximately. 1.2 bn boe, daily production of around 311,000 boe and an annual refining capacity of approximately 26 mn t. OMV now has 2,483 filling stations in 13 countries. The market share of the group in the R&M business segment in the Danube Region is now 20%.
OMV further strengthened its leading position in the European growth belt through the acquisition of 41.58% of Petrol Ofisi, Turkey’s leading company in the retail and commercial business.

In June 2006, OMV has established the OMV Future Energy Fund, a wholly owned subsidiary to support projects in renewable energy with more than EUR 100 mn to initiate the change from a pure oil and gas group to an energy group with renewable energy in its portfolio.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
OMV is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and an active supporter to the values enshrined in its Code of Conduct. These include a strong sense of responsibility towards the social and natural environment, especially in economically weak regions. OMV continuously addresses economic, environmental and social issues related to its business in a responsible manner. The Company reports on its CSR activities in a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. This report is published at the same time as the annual report.

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