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Supervisory Board of OMV Aktiengesellschaft: Manfred Leitner appointed to the OMV Executive Board with effect from April 1, 2011

December 14, 2010 - 3:15 pm (CET)

At its meeting today the Supervisory Board of OMV Aktiengesellschaft agreed to appoint Manfred Leitner (50) to the OMV Executive Board. Manfred Leitner will take over the Refining and Marketing incl. petrochemicals business (R&M) with effect from April 1, 2011. His contract runs until March 31, 2014.

Speaking about the decision, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Peter Michaelis said: “We are able to present an excellent manager with Manfred Leitner, who has worked successfully at the company for 25 years and knows better than anyone what the future challenges will be for the Refining and Marketing business. We chose him because of his years of experience in the company and his profound knowledge of the market.”

Chairman of the Executive Board, Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer stated: “Manfred Leitner is an expert in the R&M business. The new nominated team of the Executive Board will work together in order to successfully overcome any future challenges. The entire Board looks forward to a good working relationship with an experienced colleague.”

Manfred Leitner (50) began his professional career at OMV in 1985 following the completion of his studies in economics at the Vienna University of Economics. After working for two years in the finance department of the Exploration and Production (E&P) business unit, he ran the finance department of the OMV branch in Tripoli, Libya. Following his return to Austria he was responsible for the Controlling department within E&P until 1997. He then moved into the R&M business, where he led the Planning & Controlling department until 2002 and since 2003 has functioned as Senior Vice President for “Downstream Optimization and Supply”. Manfred Leitner is married and has two children.

Background information:
OMV Aktiengesellschaft

With Group sales of EUR 17.92 bn and a workforce of 34,676 employees in 2009, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. As the leading energy Group in the European growth belt, OMV is active in Refining & Marketing (R&M) in 12 countries. In Exploration & Production (E&P) OMV is active in 16 countries on four continents. In Gas & Power (G&P) OMV sells approximately 13 bcm gas per year. Through its 2,000 km long gas pipeline network in Austria G&P transports approximately 75 bcm gas annually. OMV’s Central European Gas Hub is with around 23 bcm annual trading volume one of the most important gas hubs in Continental Europe.

OMV is the leading energy Group in the European growth belt with oil and gas reserves of approximately 1.19 bn boe, daily production of around 316,000 boe in Q3/10 and an annual refining capacity of approximately 26 mn t. OMV now has 2,310 filling stations as of Q3/10. The market share of the group in the R&M business segment in the Danube Region is now 20%.

OMV further strengthened its leading position in the European growth belt through the acquisition of a stake in Petrol Ofisi, Turkey’s leading company in the retail and commercial business.

Under its 3plus strategy, OMV combines the strengths of its E&P, G&P and R&M business units in order to ensure that it provides the best possible supply service to its three core markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe and Turkey. OMV uses the synergies that result from the combination of these strengths to extend its supply chain from oil and gas through to electricity and eventually renewable energy.

OMV is a signatory to the UN Global Compact, and an active supporter to the values enshrined in its Code of Conduct. These include a strong sense of responsibility towards the social and natural environment, especially in economically weak regions. OMV continuously addresses economic, environmental and social issues related to its business in a responsible manner. The Company reports on its activities in a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines. This report is published at the same time as the annual report.

Next result announcement January–December and Q4 2010 on February 23, 2011

Further information regarding Manfred Leitner you can find in the CV:

CV Manfred Leitner, (PDF, 10,0 KB)

Picture Manfred Leitner, (JPG, 487,4 KB)

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