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Resourcefulness: the new OMV concept for responsible behavior

  • The objective is to secure energy resources for the long term
  • A binding commitment by the OMV management team

OMV has been committed to social and environmental responsibility for many years under its sustainability management programme. It is now implementing its new concept of ‘Resourcefulness’ as a further step towards increasing the group’s focus on driving future profitable growth in a sustainable and responsible manner. The core elements of the concept include education and development, employee commitment to social engagement, enhanced environmental management, the safeguarding of future energies and the measurement of the group’s sustainability activities.

Social responsibility as a core competency
OMV CEO, Gerhard Roiss: “Responsible and sustainable action is not just a fad for OMV; the company has been implementing this as a matter of course over the past 20 years. The concept of ‘Resourcefulness’ is integrated into our core business and supports our growth strategy, as we believe that long-term success can only be assured by combining sustainability and profitability. At the same time, our goal is to secure future energy resources so we are able to guarantee the security of supply for the future.”

Under the new concept of ‘Resourcefulness’, OMV plans to strengthen and secure the link between two core resources: natural energy reserves and human potential. ‘Resourcefulness’ in this sense means responsibility combined with the protection of resources.

OMV has always sought to use innovative solutions for every task in order to create a win-win situation for the society the environment and OMV. With the new concept of ‘Resourcefulness’, the company is now increasing the involvement of its approximately 30,000-strong workforce in its increased focus on social responsibility. The objective is to foster social engagement among all OMV employees so that every OMV employee completes at least one project focused on the concept of ‘ Resourcefulness’ during his or her career at OMV. OMV will support sustainability projects in the areas of ‘Skills to Succeed’, ‘Eco-Efficiency’ and ‘Eco-Innovation’. Around 325 initiatives are currently being implemented worldwide. The focus of all of these initiatives is to further increase the mutually positive benefits for both OMV and the environment. Through methods and tools developed by OMV, as part of its sustainability controlling, the effects of the new initiatives will be measured and included in decision-making, the definition of performance indicators and company objectives worldwide.

Focus on education and development: “Skills to Succeed”
OMV employs around 30,000 people and is active in approximately 30 countries as an investor, employer and general contractor. Through the ‘Skills to Succeed’ initiative, OMV fosters the skills people require to be successful. This includes investing in the economic development of local communities through employment initiatives and local supplier development. In addition, OMV supports educational initiatives in the areas of energy and management with a focus on females in certain OMV countries. Each project will be aligned to the needs and requirements of each OMV country. For example, in Pakistan – where there is a 55% literacy rate – the group has implemented the education development project, ‘Rising through Education’ to teachers and primary school pupils in the region. In addition, in Austria, where the Federation of Industry reports that 86% of industrial companies seek skilled workers in the areas of technology and production, OMV has launched an initiative named “Austria seeks the queens of technology” to support the entry of more women into technical careers.

Focus on environment management: “Eco-Efficiency”
OMV is aware of its particular responsibility in dealing with finite resources and is committed to upholding the best environmental practices. The concept of ‘Eco-Efficiency’ refers to the company’s focus on the efficient and secure production of oil and gas, with a particular focus on comprehensive water and CO2 management. For example, OMV undertook a pilot project at the OMV filling station on Shuttleworthstraße in the 21st district. This project, known as the ‘green’ filling station, reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 40%.

Focus on new energies: “Eco Innovation”
Through its ‘Eco Innovation’ initiative, OMV is using its core competences to develop alternative energy sources and new business fields and operate them profitably on a long-term basis. OMV will focus on geothermal energies, second-generation biofuels and hydrogen mobility. Since 2009, OMV has been involved in driving forward hydrogen mobility as part of the Hydrogen Mobility Consortium. The resulting technology should be on the market by 2015. Hydrogen, which can be produced as a CO2-neutral energy using solar and wind power, is an ideal fuel to counter the effects of climate change. OMV has made a conscious commitment towards ‘clean fuel’ for vehicles and has the necessary facilities for distribution thanks to its experience in handling the transport of gas and managing filling stations.

Background information
OMV Aktiengesellschaft

With Group sales of EUR 34.05 bn and a workforce of 29,800 employees in 2011, OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. In Exploration and Production, OMV is active in two core countries Romania and Austria and holds a balanced international portfolio. OMV had proven oil and gas reserves of approximately 1.13 bn boe as of year-end 2011 and a production of around 288,000 boe/d in 2011. In Gas and Power, OMV sold approximately 272 TWh of gas in 2011. In Austria, OMV operates a 2,000 km long gas pipeline network with a marketed capacity of around 101 bcm in 2011. With a trading volume of around 40 bcm in 2011, OMV’s gas trading platform, the Central European Gas Hub, is amongst the most important hubs in Continental Europe. In Refining and Marketing, OMV has an annual refining capacity of 22.3 mn t and as of the end of 2011 approximately 4,500 filling stations in 13 countries including Turkey. OMV further strengthened its position through the ownership of a 97% stake in Petrol Ofisi, Turkey’s leading company in the retail and commercial business.

OMV is using the Resourcefulness concept to actively implement responsible behaviour across the entire value chain. The goal is to create win-win situations for society, the environment and OMV through innovative solutions. The focus is on water and CO2 management, securing future energy resources and local education and development measures with a focus on support for women. OMV is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and an active supporter of social and ecological values. The company reports on its activities in a sustainability report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines.