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Energy management

The oil and gas industry is not only an energy producer but also a major energy consumer. There are two options to save energy – either by using it more efficiently or by using less of it. Both are important goals for OMV as they can help lowering operating costs and reducing environmental impacts.

Energy Management

A "boost" towards increased energy efficiency in OMV was the implementation of Energy Management Systems. This enables the incorporation of efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas emissions reductions into the routine operations of every aspect of the businesses.

More stringent legislative requirements

Energy efficiency is also enforced through legislation in different countries where OMV operates. For instance the EU Energy Efficiency Directive requires all Member States to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain – from the transformation of energy and its distribution to its final consumption. For OMV this means e.g. investing in initiatives aimed at decreasing fuel consumption in the mobility sector.

Energy management in OMV

The OMV Group Standard Environmental Management requires that all OMV businesses and activities shall use energy responsibly and conserve primary energy resources. Energy Management Plans according to ISO 50001 shall be implemented.
Schwechat Refinery was the first site in Austria with a certified Energy Management System according to ISO 50001. Energy Management Systems in Gas Connect Austria and OMV Petrom are also ISO 50001 certified. Energy intensity reduction is an important long-term strategic target for OMV Refining and is also – next to carbon intensity - monitored on Group Level.

Energy efficiency

The increase of Energy Efficiency and with it associated more conscious and sensitive use of Energy is a key objective in the current political orientation of the EU, Austrian Federal Government and individual companies in Austria. The Energy Efficiency Act (EEffG) entered into force on 1 January 2015. Energy suppliers are obliged to set efficiency measures for themselves, their end customers or other final energy consumers, or to make a corresponding compensation payment (supplier obligation). OMV takes its commitment very seriously and, on the one hand, sets its own measures and, on the other hand, supports its customers in the development and implementation of Energy Efficiency measures.
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Do you have any questions on Energy Efficiency?

Please do not hesitate to contact our Energy Efficiency Department:
OMV Energieeffizienzkoordinationsstelle
Trabrennstraße 6-8
A-1020 Wien
Tel.: +43(0)1 40440-0