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Health, Safety & Security

Health, safety and security (HSSE) are core values that constitute an integral part of our commitment to conducting our business in a responsible way.

The essence of prioritizing HSSE is expressed in OMV’s HSSE Vision of “ZERO harm – NO losses.” The Vision establishes the dependence of OMV’s long-term business success on our ability to continually improve the quality of our business activities while protecting people, the environment, assets, and our reputation. The integrity of OMV operating facilities, loss prevention, and proactive risk management are essential for achieving OMV’s HSSE Vision.


The well-being and physical and mental health of our employees are the foundations for a successful company, since they affect the performance levels of our Company’s core asset – human capital. We have established a Group-wide health care standard to ensure a high level of care for our employees’ health across the Company. The standard includes preventive initiatives such as targeted health promotion campaigns, a systematic assessment of health risk mitigation, and curative care.


OMV aims to adhere to the highest standards to provide its employees and contractors a safe workplace. Our Safety Management System is based on the OMV Group’s HSSE Policy, the HSSE Directive, and corporate regulations such as HSSE Risk Management, Contractor HSSE Management, Management of Hazardous Substances, Personnel Transportation, and Reporting, Investigation, and Classification of Incidents, which provide the framework for safety management.


The role of OMV’s Security function is to protect the OMV Group’s personnel, assets, information, operations, value, and reputation against any intentional and malicious threats. A still-unstable geopolitical environment in 2019, combined with enduring regional conflicts resulted in an ongoing emphasis by the Security experts on OMV’s assets located in the Middle East and North Africa.. Notwithstanding the challenges of operating securely in Yemen, Tunisia, and Libya, the threat and reality of terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere increased significantly. In addition to this emerging phenomenon, political extremism, criminality, and cyber threats have required the Security & Resilience department to adapt a robust, but flexible security strategy to enable OMV to continue operating in such dynamic environments.


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HSSE Policy (PDF, 222.2 KB)