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Eco Days

OMV Eco Days: Drive carefully, save fuel!

Reading time: 2 min

Petroleum and diesel are part of our core business. This is something we understand very well. That’s why we also know how to make savings – for the benefit of the environment and your wallet.

Udo Spieckerhoff Project Manager OMV Eco Days
From tire pressure to the air condition through to driving behavior – you can save up to 10% fuel by applying a few simple tricks. At the OMV Eco Days we give our customers easy examples of how to drive in a way that saves money and reduces environmental impact.
Udo Spieckerhoff, Project Manager OMV Eco Days

How much petrol or diesel does my car really need? And how can I actively save fuel and costs when driving? With a few simple tricks. And OMV has been disclosing these together with TÜV Austria at around 100 Eco Days in the past year. Naturally, the perfect place for this is where it all happens: the filling station. We used the waiting time during refueling to give our customers advice on simple ways to reduce their environmental footprint. All in line with the motto “Drive carefully – save fuel!”.

Our “Eco Days tips” demonstrate how to reduce fuel consumption easily:

Tips on driving behavior


  • Begin driving right after starting the engine. It’s worth turning off the engine if the car is standing for one minute (e.g. traffic jam or traffic lights).
  • The engine only starts running efficiently at operating temperature. Combine short trips.
  • Use first gear only to get rolling and then shift quickly; skip a gear if the driving situation allows it.
  • Avoid jerky acceleration or braking, frequent lane changing, and premature shifting. Slow, anticipatory driving is not only safer—it also saves energy.
  • Don’t put the car in neutral when driving downhill. As long as you keep your foot off the accelerator, modern engines don’t burn any fuel.

Tips for your vehicle


  • Get regular tune ups and check the oil level.
  • Incorrect tire pressure increases resistance. Drive with winter tires only in the cold season and check the air pressure regularly.
  • Unnecessary weight burns fuel. Load your vehicle with as little as possible and regularly check to see what you actually need.
  • Air conditioning, rear window heating, seat warmers, vents on high—these all cost energy. Use these “extras” economically.
  • The less surface area the wind has, the less fuel is needed. Remove empty luggage racks and trailers.
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