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Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of Interests shall be avoided or disclosed whenever they cannot be avoided.
Without prior approval of the Supervisory Board, members of the Executive Board are not permitted to run an enterprise or to engage in business dealings in the same branch of the Company as well as to own other business enterprises as a personally liable partner.
The following secondary professional engagements require approval of the Supervisory Board:

  • Board mandates (executive board, managing director, supervisory board, advisory board or board of directors) in legal entities outside the OMV Group as well as the assumption of the mandate as managing director under commercial law. 
  • mandates in commercial organisations or associations which are subject to qualified accounting pursuant to Sec 22 of the Austrian Law of Associations 2002 ("VereinsG 2002"). 
  • mandates in Austrian or international associations for the representation of interests 
  • membership in foundation boards 

Members of the Executive Board are obliged to disclose material personal interest in Company transactions or other conflicts of interests to the Supervisory Board immediately, and report them to the Executive Board.

List of Secondary Professional Engagements (PDF, 23,9 KB)