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The plastic that shapes our daily lives

Reading time: 1 min

It is there in every area of our daily lives: As parts for the automotive and aviation industries, in solar panels and wind parks, in smartphones and computers, in medicines and every type of packaging. Plastic.

The raw material needed to produce it is supplied by OMV: Crude oil. This is not just for gasoline and diesel, it can also be transformed into a range of high-quality plastic products without which our day-to-day lives are almost unthinkable.

In recent years, the OMV refineries have gone from pure distillation of crude oil into specializing in the manufacture of petrochemical products. The reason for this is plain to see: Our daily lives today are unimaginable without plastic. 
Wilfried Gepp, Petrochemical Sales, OMV Downstream GmbH

Use our video carousel to learn more about the multifaceted applications of plastic and the everyday products we rely on.

In a world without oil and plastic, our healthcare would look very different. From pacemakers to sterile gloves – plastics are the backbone of our medical care.

There would be something missing in many areas of our daily life if there were no plastic – for example, the optimal material for water, gas, heating, and sewage pipes.

It protects us from inclement weather and accidents at work as well as aiding our sports activities: Contemporary functional and work clothing is unthinkable today without synthetics.

Plastic is easy to mold and exceptionally lightweight. That’s also why it’s so popular among vehicle manufacturers. For example, the lower weight of plastic fenders increases the range of electric cars and thereby reduces their carbon footprint as well. 

No internet without plastic, no computers, no tablets, and no smartphones. They all rely on data cables that send our signals around the entire globe 24/7 – and keep our data moving.

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