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Social Media Rules

We are glad about a lively dialogue and appreciate your feedback on our articles. As we understand mutual respect as a basic principle in social media discussions, we demand users to remain objective and respectful and refrain from personal attacks.

Every user is responsible for his or her contribution and guarantees not to post content that violates applicable law, in particular the criminal code or unfair competition law, or that violates the rights of others, in particular personal rights (reputation law), copyrights, or trademark rights. Racist, pornographic, misanthropic, abusive, or indecent content is prohibited.

We reserve the right to edit or delete multiple postings or content violating these rules. In case of repetition we can entirely block the user from the site.

The Blog Team reserves the right to remove comments, which

  • are racist, pornographic, obscene, misanthropic or abusive
  • incite violence
  • violate the rights of third parties, in particular personal rights, copyrights or trademark rights
  • call for campaigns and demonstrations by any political group
  • quote others without providing a source or the name of the author
  • contain addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other personal data
  • are used to advertise products or services provide or link to inappropriate content on other websites
  • do not use one of the official languages of our Group (German or English)
  • are duplicated or consist of multiple parts

Until further notice, OMV may also quote and use user comments outside of these channels (naming the author). Please report violations and request removal by contacting:

By participating in discussions on our platform, the user agrees to these rules.