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Refueling: How kerosene gets in the aircraft

Reading time: 1 min

It’s summer time, time for holidays – and the high season for air travel. But have you ever wondered where the airplane’s fuel comes from? This is the job of “Mister Kerosene”, Gerhard Schmidt. At least at Vienna International Airport.

Gerhard Schmidt OMV Refueling Operations Manager at Vienna International Airport
It doesn’t matter whether it’s plus 35 or minus 15 degrees Celsius, my colleagues and I work seven days a week to ensure that 200 aircrafts are fuelled with 1.5 million liters of fuel every day. This means we fill almost half a billion liters of kerosene in a single year.
Gerhard Schmidt, refuller at Vienna Airport

The airfield is his ideal workplace – and has been for 27 years. In this video he explains how the kerosene actually ends up in the aircraft and how he deals with the occasional bout of wanderlust…

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