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Heads together for a better climate

Reading time: 2 min

Climate protection and reducing CO2 are right at the top of the OMV agenda. Here we present four OMV employees who are helping to reduce the carbon footprint in their everyday work lives.

OMV’s ambition is to make all of its operations climate neutral by 2050 or sooner, i.e. to get Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions down to net zero. To be able to reduce Scope 3 emissions as well in the longer term, the percentage of climate-friendly natural gas is being increased at the expense of crude oil. And the oil that OMV continues to produce? Well, less will be burnt and more refined. It will increasingly be processed into petrochemical feedstock, for example for high-end plastics. 

Burn less, refine more

As a process engineer in the Schwechat Refinery, Anna Maria Schober is responsible for processing crude oil into petrochemical feedstock for plastics production and thereby helps save massive amounts of CO2. 
Read more here on how to burn less and refine more.

Shortly after leaving the refinery, gasoline or diesel lands in the tank of a car and is incinerated. Plastics have a much longer life and so bind the CO2 for much longer.
Anna Maria Schober, OMV Schwechat Refinery

Schönkirchen photovoltaic plant

But OMV goes one step further. It is also promoting solar power initiatives. The photovoltaic plant in Schönkirchen is one of Reinhard Oswald’s passion projects.
Read more here about what solar power means to OMV. 

We are always on the lookout for ways to achieve carbon neutrality in our oil and gas production. Every ton of CO2 saved counts.
Reinhard Oswald, OMV Exploration & Production


Stephan Kreiger works as a process engineer at OMV Gas Storage. He has developed a software tool to optimize the injection and withdrawal of natural gas. This saves OMV around 4,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. 
Read more about SmartStorage here. 

SmartStorage means that the compressors that inject the gas in the reservoirs don’t need to be used as often. That saves energy and CO2.
Stephan Kreiger, OMV Gas Storage

OMV climate targets

Whatever the measure, the decisive question is always how to reduce the carbon footprint. That’s an issue to which environment engineer Brigitte Bichler has given a lot of thought. Her job is to determine OMV’s carbon footprint and reduce it. Here OMV works with partners to research how to recycle CO2 from cement production, for example, and reuse it to produce plastics.
Read more here about the OMV climate targets. 

As an oil and gas company, it’s especially important that climate change tops the agenda. By 2050 we want to be at net zero from our operations.
Brigitte Bichler, OMV Aktiengesellschaft

Whatever the future may bring in terms of opportunities, the employees at OMV will remain passionate about developing measures to reduce CO2 – after all, every ton of CO2 saved counts.

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