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Hydrogen on the road

Hydrogen is the key to unlocking the future of transport. OMV opened Austria’s first public hydrogen filling station in October 2012. To promote a new generation of environmentally sound vehicles, hydrogen is being used in tried-and-tested fuel cell technology. OMV has been researching alternative drive concepts for years and this development marks a further step towards sustainability and pollution-free mobility. As early as 2000, OMV installed a fuel cell system in the laboratory at Graz University. OMV intends to bring the results of the research to the road.

Establishing hydrogen infrastructure

The automotive and energy industries cooperate closely on hydrogen filling stations to guarantee the optimal parallel establishment of hydrogen supply and demand. Together with partners, OMV is expediting the provision of hydrogen filling stations for Austria and Germany for a future of emission-free motoring.

Fuel cells in hydrogen technology

The range of applications for hydrogen is set to increase dramatically in the future. The energy it provides can be used on the road via a fuel cell system. This is twice as efficient as a combustion engine, so the same performance only takes half the energy.