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ReOil - Raw Material Recycling of Used Plastics

The feedstock recovery pilot project (Schwechat refinery, Austria) uses plastic waste to produce synthetic crude in a pyrolysis process. This recycled crude can be processed into any desired refinery product, while reducing the dependence on fossil resources and improving carbon intensity.

Circular economy and urban mining are two important topics at OMV. Recycling used plastics instead of burning it as waste is one important way to make better use of a valuable resource. However, the quality of recycled plastics is often not very high.

Raw material recycling is an innovative OMV research project which uses old plastics to produce synthetic refinery feedstock. This feedstock can be re-introduced into the refinery production process and processed into any desired refinery product, like normal crude oil. With this innovative approach, OMV closes a gap in plastics recycling technology and production by introducing a secondary raw material, called “ recent crudes“. This method reduces the amount of fossil resources needed in plastics production. Recycling of plastic waste improves carbon intensity by lowering CO2 emissions per ton of post-consumer plastics, compared to standard crude oil processing. OMV sees a large potential for this new technology and its associated services in a society that is increasingly looking for alternative resources and value-added recycling.

At the beginning of 2018, OMV made the first scale-up step of the research project from the laboratory plant to the pilot plant.

Factsheet ReOil (PDF, 132,1 KB)