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Circular Economy

Turning waste into valuable raw materials

OMV is already conducting research on tomorrow's solutions and investing in innovative recycling projects like the patented ReOil® method. We strive to contribute to the majority of plastic waste in Austria being recycled into valuable raw materials and lowering CO2 emissions. We’re taking the next step.

img_Kreislaufwirtschaft 3


With innovative recycling projects, OMV is contributing to the majority of plastic waste in Austria being recycled for the production of new high-quality plastics, thus saving CO2. 


How we recycle

Complementing Borealis’ mechanical recycling activities, chemical recycling with OMV’s innovative patented ReOil® technology plays an essential role to further valorize residual waste streams from our mechanical recycling operations, but also to valorize mixed plastic waste streams which would otherwise be incinerated, or even worse, landfilled. 


The objectives of the new OMV

By 2050, approx. 60% of plastic production are to come from recycled raw materials. 
To establish a circular economy, the new OMV is investing approx. one third of the three billion euros, which are earmarked for the Schwechat site until 2025, in new energies and projects.  


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