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OMV Downstream

OMV’s Downstream business consists of Downstream Oil and Downstream Gas. Downstream Oil has three refineries in Central Eastern Europe, two of which have strong petrochemical integration. After the sale of its Turkish subsidiary OMV Petrol Ofisi in June 2017, OMV operates a retail network of around 2.100 filling stations in Europe. Downstream Gas is active along the entire gas value chain. Gas sales volumes amounted to 114 TWh in 2018.

Key Figures Q2 2020

Downstream Oil

Downstream Oil refines and markets fuel products and petrochemicals. It operates three competitive inland refineries with an annual capacity of 17.8 mn t in Austria, Germany and Romania. In Austria and Germany, OMV is forward integrated into petrochemicals. The total annual petrochemical production capacity
amounts to 2.5 mn t. OMV holds a strong position in the markets located within the areas of its supply, serving commercial customers and supplying a retail network of around 2.100 filling stations.

Downstream Gas

Downstream Gas operates across the gas value chain from the wellhead to the end customer with a fully integrated sales and logistics business. OMV engages in the regulated gas transportation business in Austria with a share in the infrastructure company Gas Connect Austria and operates storage capacities in Austria and Germany. Its activities also cover the non-regulated business supply, marketing and trading of gas in Europe and Turkey as well as financing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline development. Downstream Gas includes the Group’s power business activities, with a gas-fired power plant in Romania.