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OMV MaxxMotion Performance Fuels

Whether diesel or gasoline, OMV MaxxMotion delivers maximum performance, thanks to a clean combustion process. Special, innovative additive formulas keep the engine clean, reduce wear and prolong the engine’s lifespan in the long run.
This is even more important during winter time for Diesel drivers. As a high-quality performance fuel, OMV MaxxMotion Diesel promises a reliable engine start, in all winter conditions.

The launch of OMV MaxxMotion 100plus, our newest performance fuel, sets new standards of fuel quality. It is the first OMV gasoline fulfilling the highest quality requirements of the automotive industry. In Austria, OMV is the first in the market to offer a 100 octane gasoline meeting these requirements.

Our OMV Innovations Team has worked in close collaboration with leading automotive industry members, research institutes and universities to anticipate future developments in fuel technology. OMV MaxxMotion 100plus is an outstanding product which perfectly meets the needs of modern car engines by delivering higher efficiency, optimal functionality and improved performance.

Maximum Performance

Our fuels optimize combustion efficiency. They ensure that more energy is obtained for maximum power and maximized acceleration. OMV MaxxMotion 100plus is highly resistant against engine knocking. This makes the combustion, especially in high performance engines, more efficient. As far as the OMV MaxxMotion Diesel is concerned, the higher cetane number clearly exceeds the minimum requirement of 51. The high cetane number improves and accelerates ignition and leads to excellent combustion. Diesel engines run smoother and vibrate less. Improved performance is the result in both cases.

Prolonging the life of the engine

The OMV MaxxMotion Performance Diesel‘s special additive package removes existing deposits from the diesel injection nozzles and prevents new residues from accumulating. OMV MaxxMotion 100plus for gasoline engines prevents the formation of deposits on inlet valves by up to 96%. MaxxMotion 100plus and MaxxMotion Diesel provide protection against corrosion in the fuel system of up to 100%.

Winter reliability

The excellent winter properties of OMV MaxxMotion Diesel ensure that drivers can rely on their car’s engine operation even at ice-cold temperatures of up to -40°C**. A special formula, derived from OMV’s experience and fuel technology skills, makes this possible.
* Advantages are depending on the vehicle, driving behavior and technical state of the engine and refer to a comparison with fuels meeting the local minimum requirements (EN 228 in case of gasoline, and EN 590 in case of diesel).
 **CFPP value according EN 590

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