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Sustainable Base Chemicals

Solve. Supply. Speed-up circular change.

Sustainable change is the narrative of our time. With the clock ticking for the climate, we need solutions that bring us real and tangible progress, now. At OMV, we’re leading the way to renewable and circular chemicals and materials that make sustainable life possible.

We’re here to solve, to supply and speed up real circular change. Our portfolio of sustainable base chemicals give that process momentum.

Our sustainable feedstocks are ‘from the ground up’

We believe that to make as much sustainable and circular progress as possible, we need to be flexible and versatile in our approach to feedstocks, to meet any possible challenges around availability.

For that reason our feedstocks are ‘from the ground up’.*

  • From Biomass: born of the ground.
  • From Chemical Recycling: from re-processing of materials in circulation on land.
  • From Atmospheric sources: from carbon capture technology, being scaled from lower volumes today to bigger potential volumes.

Our difference is an integrated model that joins up parts of the value chain.

  • It gives you more flexible, reliable supply; from bio-based to chemical recycling-derived sources. 
  • It gives you reduction in CO2 emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3.
  • It gives you proof of real progress from ISCC+ certification of our mass balance approach.

We join-up the processing and supply of recycled and renewable feedstocks with the processing and production expertise of an integrated refinery. This source and supply approach means we can create flexible sustainable chemical solutions for our customers and their customers. 

We’re here to make your sustainable and circular progress happen through strong partnership. To solve your challenges, supply the answers and speed-up your transition.

Focused on tomorrow, pragmatic about today

Championing the circular economy: people walk with purpose, carrying recycling bags, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability

  • Transformation needs momentum.
  • We need to create immediate progress in reducing our reliance on fossil feedstock, while we actively invest in and develop more sustainable alternatives.
  • Our approach means we can build critical momentum whilst applying major efforts in evolving more advanced substances like waste and residue streams into more commercially viable next-generation feedstocks.

We believe partnership is the best path to progress

Woman shops sustainably, embodying eco-transformation in consumer choices for a greener tomorrow

  • Partnership and collaboration are key principles of our business and our approach to sustainable transformation.
  • We believe that we can only make the difference the world needs us to make in concert with others.
  • From value chain partners who help our model come to life and evolve, to our customers.
  • Ours is an open invitation to customers, to work together to create the best solutions for their own customers.
  • Acting together will take us all further.

Together we move from ambition to action. Together, we move ahead.


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