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Independence of Supervisory Board Members

In compliance with the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance the Supervisory Board of OMV determined the criteria of independence for its members. Members of the Supervisory Board have to declare their independence according to these criteria.

All of the members elected by the General Meeting except Helmut Draxler and Herbert Werner, regarding the duration of their terms, have declared their independence from the Company and its Executive Board during the 2018 financial year and up to the time of making such declarations (C-rule 53 of the ACCG). Under C-rule 54 of the ACCG, Peter Löscher, Wolfgang Berndt, Elif Bilgi Zapparoli, Helmut Draxler, Karl Rose, Marc H. Hall, Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell and Herbert Werner have made declarations to the effect that they were not shareholders with a stake of more than 10% or represented such shareholders’ interests during the financial year 2018 and up to the time of making such declarations. Peter Löscher, Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, Marc H. Hall and Karl Rose were nominated for the election as Supervisory Board members by the nomination committee of the Österreichische Beteiligungs AG (at that time called Österreichischen Bundes- und Industriebeteiligungen GmbH) and, subsequently (after being so proposed by the Presidential and Nomination Committee and the Supervisory Board), they were elected as Supervisory Board members.

Criteria of Independence (PDF, 26,1 KB)