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Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) are key values to OMV laid down in our HSSE Policy. The physical and mental health, well-being and safety of people, as well as the integrity of OMV operating facilities are of essential importance. Loss prevention and proactive risk management are essential in maintaining OMV’s social acceptance and to reach OMV’s HSSE vision “ZERO Harm – NO Losses”. Our approach to accident prevention is guided by stringent corporate regulations. We have hazard identification and risk management processes in place to help prevent incidents.


Group-wide, we are looking to rollout and harmonize high standards of health care, implement health promotion campaigns and systematically assess and reduce health risks. The well-being and health of employees are the foundations for a successful company performance. Health issues can affect performance levels and therefore create financial burdens. To address these aspects, we provide a broad range of health care activities, from curative care to preventative initiatives.


Our approach to accident prevention is guided by stringent corporate regulations. We have hazard identification and risk management processes in place to prevent incidents. We train, empower and encourage people to work safely and invest in technology, programs and processes to ensure that our facilities and operations are safe for employees, external stakeholders and the environment.

Security and Resilience

OMV operates in certain parts of the world, which require the organization to take steps to ensure the safety and security of its employees and contractors. The reasons for this include geopolitical factors, terrorist action and higher local crime issues. OMV’s established crisis management and security procedures provide the required risk mitigation measures. The unstable geopolitical landscape, with enduring regional conflicts resulted in the security emphasis remaining primarily focused on the Middle East and North Africa. Notwithstanding the challenges of continuing to operate securely in the distressed regions of Libya, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey and the Yemen, the threat and reality of terrorist attacks on Europe and elsewhere increased significantly.

Managing and delivering security

The Company’s approach to maintaining safety and security focuses on using information and intelligence as a pre-emptive incident prevention method. This enables us to anticipate or respond to a broad range of potential or actual events and minimize the risk.

OMV enforces in the operating countries compliance to the VPSHR (Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights) and IOGP (International Oil and Gas Producers) standards regarding the carriage and use of weapons. It is likely that future security risks will be varied and unpredictable. To address this, OMV will maintain an agile, intelligent and appropriately equipped security resource.


For OMV as an integrated energy group, environmental management is more than compliance with legal requirements. We manage environmental impacts along the entire value chain, from upstream and downstream production to product quality. As an oil and gas company, OMV has a high ecological responsibility – which we are aware of and consider in all our activities.
The Corporate Environmental Department is here to provide support in minimizing the environmental impacts and facilitate continuous improvement of environmental performance throughout OMV Group.

Download the HSSE Policy

HSSE Policy (PDF, 1,8 MB)