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Gas station Baumgarten: The 110,000 Volt Woman

Reading time: 1 min

110,000 V – this is the usual voltage of electricity flowing through high-voltage lines. A lot of power is also needed at Baumgarten natural gas station, where around 1,000 electric motors work around the clock to filter, meter, compress, dry and then distribute natural gas. The young electrical technician Ramona Varga makes sure that it always runs smoothly.

Ramona Varga electrical technician and process control engineer at Gas Connect Austria
A lot of my work is outdoors, whatever the weather and at great heights – working at 16 to 20 meters is quite normal in my job.
Ramona Varga, Electrical technician and process controll engineer, Gas Connect Austria

She and her colleagues from Gas Connect Austria, an OMV subsidiary, maintain and secure the facilities and identify the problem in the event of electrical problems, dealing with voltage of up to 110,000 V. An extraordinary job requiring special training that not many people have. To put it into context: Power from a common electrical socket ranges from 110 to 230 V.

Watch our video to see a typical day at work for Ramona and why her job is so exciting:

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