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Reporting & Performance

OMV’s Sustainability Report describes which topics with regard to environmental, social and governance issues are most material to OMV and its stakeholders. The Report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. In relation to the defined material topics OMV reports on its achievements, challenges and progress in sustainability performance made over the year.

OMV is a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, with the Sustainability Report serving as the Communication on Progress for the UN Global Compact. The UNGC Principles are mapped in relation to the Report content.

The Report describes OMV performance in the focus areas of sustainability in relation to  the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN General Assembly in 2015. OMV is a supporter of the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The Report also serves as the communication in relation to the Recommendations of the TCFD.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Report 2023 (PDF, 18,2 MB)
Sustainability Report 2023 (Interactive Online Version)

Sustainability Report 2022 (PDF, 8,5 MB)
Sustainability Report 2022 (Interactive Online Version)

Sustainability Report 2021 (PDF, 2,6 MB)
Sustainability Report 2021 (Interactive Online Version)

Sustainability Report 2020 (PDF, 7,6 MB)
Sustainability Report 2020 (Interactive Online Version)
OMV – SASB Reporting 2020 (PDF, 396,6 KB)

Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF, 11,7 MB)
Sustainability Report 2019 (Interactive Online Version)

Sustainability Report 2018 (PDF, 9,0 MB)
Materiality Identification Process (PDF, 1,4 MB)
TCFD Recommendations Index 2018 (PDF, 40,1 KB)

Sustainability Report 2017 (PDF, 5,9 MB)
GRI Index 2017 (PDF, 1,5 MB)

Sustainability Report 2016 (PDF, 3,8 MB)  
GRI Index 2016 (PDF, 85,2 KB)

Sustainability Report 2015 (PDF, 3,7 MB)
GRI Index 2015 (PDF, 585,1 KB)

Sustainability Report 2014 (PDF, 4,1 MB)
GRI Index 2014 (PDF, 562,4 KB)
Performance im Detail (XLSX, 72,9 KB)
Our materiality process in detail (PDF, 253,7 KB)

2013 – 2007
Sustainability Report 2013 (PDF, 3,1 MB)
Sustainability Report 2012 (PDF, 6,7 MB)
Sustainability Report 2011 (PDF, 941,7 KB)
Sustainability Report 2010 (PDF, 6,8 MB)
Sustainability Report 2009 (PDF, 4,4 MB)
Sustainability Report 2007/2008 (PDF, 7,9 MB)

2006 – 2001: CSR Performance Reports
CSR Performance Report 2005/2006 (PDF, 3,7 MB)
CSR Performance Report 2003/2004, Part 1 (PDF, 4,8 MB)
CSR Performance Report 2003/2004, Part 2 (PDF, 5,2 MB)
CSR Performance Report 2001/2002 (PDF, 1,1 MB)

2006 – 1999: HSE Reports
HSE Report 2005/2006 (PDF, 2,3 MB)
HSE Report 2003/2004 (PDF, 1,7 MB)
HSE Report 2001/2002 (PDF, 2,1 MB)
HSE Report 1999/2000 (PDF, 2,0 MB)

Other Downloads
OMV's industry association memberships (PDF, 1,7 MB)
Code of Conduct (PDF, 3,6 MB)
Statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking 2019 (PDF, 376,3 KB)
OMV Water Ambition Statement (PDF, 2,9 MB)