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  • Start: since 2009 and ongoing
  • Country: Romania
  • Partners: over 50 NGOs and local institutions yearly (eg. NESsT, Foundation for Civil Society Development, Leaders Foundation)
  • OMV Focus Area: Community Relations and Development
  • Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals: 1 – No poverty, 4 – Quality education, 8 – Decent work and economic growth, 10 – Reduced inequalities, 11 – Sustainable cities and communities, 17 – Partnerships for the goals


  • Support local communities in enhancing the local economic development
  • Support and finance projects to encourage efficiency and responsible use of natural resources in the communities
  • Support and contribute to the development of vocational education programs in local communities


Andrei’s Country is OMV Petrom’s social responsibility online platform – (Romanian).

Andrei’s Country is a collection of programs that help communities achieve wellbeing through their own efforts. It is a source of inspiration, built to motivate and support community change.

A large part of Andrei’s Country is financing competitions for sustainable, community-changing projects, submitted by their own members. Projects are rated through voting and by a dedicated jury.

Since 2009, through Andrei’s Country, OMV Petrom supports the projects that inspire the Romanian communities to take action and change their lives in key domains: accessing non-formal education, protecting the environment, supporting entrepreneurship.


The present flagship project is Vocational Romania - a campaign launched in 2015 to support the vocational education in Romania. Through this program, OMV Petrom aims to raise awareness on the importance of crafts in developing a country and to find solutions for the education of the future craftsmen. It includes several programs and activities:

  • Vocational Summer Camp from Andrei's Country: Seven days of personal and professional development workshops for teachers and students in IX-XI grades from vocational high schools.
  • Oilmen's School: We created six vocational classes with 168 students in the oil and gas domain in three high schools across Romania. We also upgrade the technical schools´ infrastructure on a yearly basis and provide at least one training session for teachers.
  • Craftsman’s Sandwich: A fundraising campaign carried out in Petrom fuel stations for endowing a technical laboratory workshop for students in the vocational education system.
  • Stakeholders’ workshops on education: Workshops and debates with all relevant stakeholders to identify solutions to improve the vocational education system in Romania.

Some other activities in Andrei´s country:

  • Ideas from Andrei’s Country – 2013 - present: National competition through which we finance sustainable ideas for environment, education and community development. Individuals, NGOs, public and educational institutions from any region in Romania can apply to the competition.
  • Made in Andrei’s Country – 2013-2017: The biggest social entrepreneurship competition in Romania aimed to offer grants for business start-ups of EUR 35.000, feasibility studies and technical preparation for the selected finalists and 1 year business incubation and capacity building for the grant winners.
  • Andrei’s School – 2009-2014: We invited teachers and middle school kids to become leaders for their communities by offering them a competition of projects on several domains: education, culture, community involvement, environment and entrepreneurship. The reward? Grants to make the best ideas come true. Also, winning teams attended Andrei’ s Country Summer Camp, where they could learn by playing how to implement an eco-civic project or an entrepreneurial project.
  • Your Town and Petrom Town – 2009-2012: The first two competitions for community projects in which citizens and OMV Petrom employees could come up with solutions for problems in their community. Each month, OMV Petrom offered a EUR 10.000 grant for the initiative with the highest rating.
  • Trees Plantings in Andrei’s Country - 2010 – 2012: Andrei’s Country started to be known for the massive reforestations made in areas exposed to the danger of landslides, snowfall blockages, desertification or other natural disasters. Over 3,860 volunteers (among them 360 Petrom employees) participated in the tree planting. More info: Trees Plantings in Andrei’s Country

Everybody is welcomed to join (Romanian) as it is a community for those who strive for a better Romania.


  • Start: since 2011 and ongoing
  • Country: Romania
  • Partners: Foundation for Civil Society Development, Local Authorities and communities of: Suplacu & Marghita, Poboru, Bustuchin, Talpa, Poeni & Silistea, Manesti, Baicoi, Boldesti Scaeni, Telega, Moinesti & Zemes, Schela and Isalnita
  • OMV Focus Area: Community Relations and Society
  • Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals: 4 – Quality education, 8 – Decent work and economic growth, 17 – Partnerships for the goals


  • Enhance local NGOs' organizational development through capacity building and promoting a stronger organizational culture
  • Development of Rroma communities to improve living and education standards, school attendance and job access through education and social initiatives


We give support to twelve NGOs in 14 OMV Petrom hotspot communities in order to continue our approach of guiding local communities and local authorities towards transparent dialogue for long term development thinking, capacity building of people skills and economic growth opportunities.
The program starts with one joint workshop where Community Based Organizations (CBOs) exchange experiences. Additionally, six Community development projects are invited to compete for a grant competition.
Furthermore, Rroma communities are supported through a one-year program that supports pupils one year after school. It prepares them to enter the labor market. Additionally we implement another social initiative in Boldesti.


  • Organizational and skills development (human resources, finance and accounting, social media) through volunteering of OMV Petrom employees
  • Support of CBOs to develop an Annual Operational Plan for Community Development
  • Initiation of a project writing workshop before the grants competition and continue knowledge sharing via experience exchange sessions
  • Increase involvement and support of local authorities
  • Creation of a communication platform for all CBOs (newsletters and info on external grant opportunities)
  • Improvement of relationship with external stakeholders by engaging in common projects for our communities
  • Support of a self-sustaining development of the communities where we operate
  • Support to develop community projects to obtain external or internal funds

More details here.