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Gas Logistics

OMV lead company for natural gas and power

  • Modern, high efficient pipeline network and central gas turntable in Europe
  • Energy supplies are secured through diversification and gas storage

Gas Logistics Assets

The OMV subsidiary Gas Connect Austria GmbH is responsible for the commercialization of transportation capacities in Austria and abroad as well as for the safe and smooth operation of an approximately 900 km long high-pressure gas pipeline network in Austria. As an Austrian transmission system and distribution system operator, Gas Connect Austria is an important partner in the Austrian and European gas supply network. With total gas sales volumes for entry/exit of 152 bcm per year, the company plays an important role in ensuring security of gas supplies to Austria and Europe. With an Entry/Exit sales volume of 2.5 bcm per year, the company plays an important role in supplying Austria and Europe and ensuring it can respond to any seasonal supply fluctuations or short term supply disruptions. Furthermore, OMV holds a stake in the natural gas storage Etzel in Friedeburg, East Frisia (DE). The capacity available to OMV holds a volume of approximately 475 Mio. m³ (6.0 TWh) working gas. The Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH) provides a gas trading platform in Austria for international gas companies with a CEGH OTC Market and the CEGH Gas Exchange of Wiener Boerse with a Spot Market (including Within-Day Market) and a Futures Market. CEGH also offers the CEGH Czech Gas Exchange in cooperation with PXE. CEGH is the operator of the Virtual Trading Point (VTP) in Austria. CEGH is a subsidiary of OMV Gas & Power (65 %), Wiener