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Now you hear from us!

The new OMV Podcast Rethinking Resources is officially launched. In the first season, internal and external industry experts discuss everything to do with the circular economy and recycling – an extremely exciting concept and a real beacon of hope for the future.

The podcast covers current challenges as well as the technologies and innovations that can potentially contribute to solutions for climate change, one of the biggest challenges of our time. 

The independent moderator Steve Chaid critically examine the hurdles, that customers, companies and society still have to overcome, to ensure the value chain shifts from a linear to a circular model. 

Current episode

“Geothermal for all: On a mission to scalable renewable energy” | OMV Podcast "Rethinking Resources" S3E5

Can geothermal energy be scaled up globally? In this episode we look at the true arrival of geothermal energy – that important last link that connects this infinite, renewable resource with population centers around the world.  To discuss this innovative geothermal energy solution, our host and journalist Steve Chaid is joined by Carsten Reinhold, Geoscience Manager at Eavor. Eavor is a next generation geothermal energy company that promises clean, reliable, and affordable energy on a global scale.

Past episodes


S3 E4: “The heat below: Geothermal drilling techniques”

What are the distinctions between different geothermal systems? Why does OMV have to drill several kilometers deep for geothermal energy if geothermal heat can also be harvested several hundred meters deep?

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S3 E3: “Heat from within - a geothermal odyssey to the core”

What is the role of geothermal energy in the context of deep decarbonization and transitioning to a low carbon future?

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S3 E2: “Underground Promise: Harnessing Earth's Heat for Urban Comfort”

A project called „deeep“ is on the verge of tapping into it and making the Austrian capital one of the world's first major cities to have geothermal energy become a big part of its future energy mix.

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S3 E1: “Heat from within – how geothermal energy works”

To find out all about how geothermal energy works, why it isn't being used widely today, and whether it will be widely used tomorrow our host and journalist, Steve Chaid, is joined by Edith Haslinger.

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S2 E6: “The changing gears of mobility”

We all rely on mobility, but we need to switch to sustainable options. What will the future of transportation look like?

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S2 E5: “Sustainability Scores Uncovered”

How can companies like OMV, that might not be perceived as a sustainable company, get top ESG ratings?

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S2 E4: “Can we exit fossil NOW?”

Georg Brasseur, a leading expert on electrical engineering and the energy transition, maps out a possible path to a successful transition to green energies based on his scientific research.

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S2 E3: “Can plastics ensure a more sustainable future?”

The switch from fossil fuels to renewables is being made possible by plastics. If this sounds counterintuitive to you, listen to this episode of OMV’s podcast series “Rethinking Resources”.

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S2 E2: “Can we bury carbon?”

Is CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) a groundbreaking technology that will pave the way to net zero or a total scam?

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S2 E1: “A Future beyond fossil fuel”

In the first episode of OMV’s second podcast series “Rethinking Resources”, the host and journalist Steve Chaid is joined by Dr. Andreas Wagner, an energy transition expert at Systemiq.

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S1 E6: “From linear to circular business model”

Julie McCarthy and Steve Chaid are joined by OMV CEO Alfred Stern. He is a firm believer in the Circular Economy and has unveiled a new strategy for the company to turn away from fossil fuels and make OMV a leader in circular solutions.

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S1 E5:“Fight plastic waste at the source – Project STOP”

Steve Chaid is joined by Joi Danielson, who will be talking about Project STOP, which is making real progress in cleaning up the massive problem of plastic trash in oceans and waterways.

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S1 E4: „Design for recyclability"

Steve Chaid is joined by Hery Henry, a leading expert on design for recyclability.

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S1 E3: „How to get plastic recycling done - Holy Grail"

Steve Chaid and Julie McCarthy are joined by Gian De Belder from Procter & Gamble to discuss the Holy Grail project.

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img_Podcast S1E2

S1 E2: “Sustainable plastics”; Guest: Stephan Roest (Borealis)

Stephan Roest takes the mic to tell us how plastic from sustainable feedstock can reshape the long-term future of plastics.

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img_Podcast S1E1

S1 E1: "Circular Economy in a nutshell"; Gast: Francesca Stevens (Managing Director EUROPEN)

Francesca Stevens takes the mic to explain what we mean when we talk about circular economy.

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