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Gas Storage


Without storage no supply

"Security of supply is the key issue in todays' energy market. Over two billion m³ of storage capacity is provided by OMV in Austria as well as in Germany and has thus assured offsetting both seasonal fluctuations and short term interruptions of energy supply in the best possible way: we are both flexible and fast." (Harald Grabner, Managing Director OMV Gas Storage GmbH)

Demand for natural gas varies depending on the season and time of day. That is brought about, for example, by seasonal fluctuations and trading-related time factors. Since for technical reasons it is not possible to match production and import to the fluctuating demand, production and import remain essentially constant throughout the year. OMV compensates the variation between supply and demand with its natural gas storage facilities.

The natural gas is stored in underground storage facilities in Austria known as subsurface deposits at a depth of up to 1,500 m. Here it is stored in the porous rock of depleted natural gas deposits where it collected many millions of years ago. The storage facilities of OMV ensure that natural gas is stored in an environmentally sound manner with minimum disturbance to nature.

The Austrian natural gas storage facilities of OMV are located at the terminals of major transit pipeline systems (Baumgarten) and in the vicinity of important urban areas of consumption (Vienna).

The OMV Storage facility in North-West Germany is in operation since April 2012 and is connected to the Dutch Market via GTS (Gas Transport System) as well as to the German Market Area THE (Trading Hub Europe) via NETRA.

The salt cavern has a working gas volume of about 5 TWh (400 Mio m³), as well as sufficient injection and withdrawal capacities in order to meet all customers’ needs in a best way.

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