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Unlocking Tunisia’s Resources 

Tunisia has an important place in the history of OMV, one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies, as it is the country where it launched its very first economic international exploration and production project in 1971.

OMV Activities in Tunisia 

Currently OMV’s activities are focused on exploration, production and infrastructure development in South Tunisia.
OMV has working interests in two exploration permits (Jenein Sud and Borj el Khadra) and eleven operated and non-operated production concessions. In 2022, OMV’s equity production in Tunisia was 9.3 kboe/d yearly average.

The Nawara Gas Development Project

The Nawara Gas Development Project has been a key strategic infrastructure project to unlock South Tunisia’s gas resources and as such designated as a Project of National Interest. For OMV with its partner ETAP, the national oil company, the finalization of the project represents a substantial part of its growth story in Tunisia, and a key part of its international portfolio.

The Nawara project is contributing approximately 38% to the national gas production. It covers 12% of total natural gas demand and reduces Algerian gas import by 21%, reducing the primary energy balance deficit by 13%.
Additionally, the facilities will enable further exploration and production activities in the South of Tunisia and provide transportation and processing services to 3rd parties.


The History 

In 2003 the Jenein Sud exploration permit and subsequently the Nawara production concession in 2006 (Tataouine Governorate) were granted to ETAP and OMV. In March 2014, the Government announced, independently from the Nawara Project, the construction of the Tataouine Gas Plant project with a spur line from Nawara to Tataouine. The Tataouine plant will have a gas processing capacity of 600,000 Sm3/d and an LPG bottling unit.

The execution of the Nawara project started in 2015 and first deliveries of sales gas were made to STEG, the national electricity and gas company, in March 2020. Final commissioning and start-up activities continued through the COVID-19 pandemic using state-of-the-art technologies for the partial remotely performed operations.

The Concept

The Nawara Development Project consists of three components:

  • The Central Processing Facility (CPF) in the Nawara field (capacity of 2.7 mn Sm3/d; potentially expandable): constructed by Max Streicher and Bouchamaoui Industries consortium (MSBI).
  • The Gas Pipeline (PPL) from Nawara to Gabès (24’’ diameter, 370 km): constructed by Bouchamaoui Industries and Max Streicher consortium (BIMS).
  • The Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) at Gabès to produce LPG products and commercial gas: implementation through a consortium between ABB Italy and TDE Canada.

The South Tunisian oil production activities

In 2011, OMV significantly strengthened its position in the South by acquiring the Tunisian upstream businesses of Pioneer and Medco. These acquisitions complemented OMV’s existing assets, Jenein Sud and Nawara.
During the 2012/2013 drilling campaign within the Anaguid permit, five oil discoveries were made and the Anaguid East concession was carved out of the permit in September 2014. The development was completed in November 2016.

The South Tunisia Waha gas valorization project

The South Tunisia Waha gas valorization project supported OMV’s strategic goal of reducing GHG intensity through efficiency improvements alongside the commercialization of previously flared gas. The project scope was the installation of a gas valorization plant and two vapor recovery units to recover associated gas and the installation of the Anaguid gathering point and the construction of a 50 km pipeline to connect the Anaguid gathering point and the production of the Durra concession with the gas valorization plant.

The 50 km multiphase trunk line has eliminated road transportation and the flaring of associated gas. It will also play a strategic role in the future development in this area.

Facts / Milestones

  • 1971: OMV Group starts first exploration and production project
  • 1980: Halk el Menzel concession awarded
  • 2003: Acquisition of Preussag assets; OMV is a 50 % partner with ETAP in TPS and SEREPT
  • 2006: Discovery of oil and gas in Jenein Sud
  • 2010: Nawara concession (within Jenein Sud) was granted equally to ETAP and OMV
  • 2011: Acquisition of Pioneer and Medco assets
  • 2012: Takeover of operatorship in Nawara consortium
  • 2014: Nawara Project was granted OMV internal final investment decision
  • 2015: Nawara declared a project of National Interest
  • 2017: Divestment of OMV‘s 50 % stakes in the Ashtart oil field and SEREPT operating company
  • 2018: Divestment of 50 % stake in TPS and 49 % stake in the concessions through the sale of OMV 100% owned subsidiary ‘’OMV Tunisia Upstream GmbH’’
  • 2020: Nawara delivers first gas to STEG (national electricity and gas company)

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