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In Stavanger

OMV (Norge) AS is located in Hinna Park business area outside central Stavanger. Several energy companies are in the same area.


OMV has been active in Norway since 2006 and was awarded the first license on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) in 2007. Today, OMV (Norge) AS is a license holder in many production licenses (PL), several as operator. The licenses are in the Norwegian part of the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and in the Barents Sea. In 2011 and 2012, OMV acquired shares in several field developments: 15% in the Aasta Hansteen gas field development and 20% share in the Edvard Grieg field development.

In 2013, OMV became a major offshore oil and gas producer in Norway after the acquisition of the producing Gullfaks field and the Gudrun development with a 19% and 24% share respectively.
The Gudrun field started production in 2014, and the Edvard Grieg field started production in 2015. OMV has also participated in the yearly licensing rounds and ongoing exploration activities on the NCS.

In 2013, OMV made a discovery in PL 537 located in the Barents Sea. This field was known as Wisting. Wisting was divested in 2021. A new discovery was made in 2018 in the Iris Hades prospects (PL 644/PL 644B) in the Norwegian Sea. The discovery, now named Berling field, will be developed as a subsea tie-back to Aasgard B.

Norway is one of the largest oil and gas exporters in the world, and has a stable political and economic environment, as well as a significant remaining resource potential.

Strategy 2030

The OMV Strategy 2030 focuses on the following topics:

  • Net-zero emissions by 2050
  • Growth projects in natural gas, as an energy transition fuel
  • Fossil production will be reduced gradually until 2030
  • Low carbon business will be built, with significant investments in geothermal energy and CCS


  • Head office in Stavanger
  • Around 150 employees, expats and contractors
  • Interests in more than 40 licenses on the NCS
  • Partner in four producing assets; Aasta Hansteen, Gudrun, Gullfaks & Edvard Grieg
  • Daily average production in 2021 was around 87,000 boe/d
  • Operator of the Berling development in the Norwegian Sea 

Gudrun (OMV 24%) 

The Gudrun oil and gas field is located in the central part of the North Sea and is operated by Equinor. Gudrun is developed with a fixed facility with a steel jacket. The reservoir is high pressure and high temperature that requires special technology.
The production started up in 2014. Oil and gas from Gudrun are transported to the Sleipner A facility via two pipelines for further processing and export.
Gudrun Phase2 aims to increase the oil recovery from the field to extend  production lifetime. Phase2 consists of 5 new wells.

Gullfaks (OMV 19%) 

The Gullfaks field center is located in the northern part of the North Sea in several production licenses and is operated by Equinor. 
Gullfaks was discovered in 1978 and started production in 1986. Gullfaks has been developed to a field center and a hub for the area.
The field consists of several facilities: Gullfaks A, B and C.
The oil is exported by shuttle tankers, and the gas is transported by Statpipe for further processing at Kårstø in Norway.

To supply producing oil and gas platforms with renewable electricity, construction of Hywind Tampen - the world's first floating wind farm - began off the Norwegian coast in 2020. Power production commenced in the third quarter of 2022 and the farm is fully operational as of August 2023. The floating wind turbines will meet part of the electricity needs of the Gullfaks and Snorre fields and replace gas as an energy source.

Edvard Grieg (OMV 20%)

The Edvard Grieg offshore field development, operated by Lundin, achieved first oil at the end of November 2015. Edvard Grieg is an oil and gas field located 180 kilometers west of Stavanger in the central part of the North Sea.

The Edvard Grieg field consists of a platform topside on a steel jacket with full process facility. The oil is transported via a pipeline connected to the Grane oil pipeline arriving at the Sture oil terminal in Norway.
Gas is transported via a pipeline connected to the SAGE transport system to St. Fergus in Scotland.
Edvard Grieg is the first field in the world to be awarded the CarbonClear Certification. Since 2022 the field is powered from shore.

Berling Development Project (OMV 30%) 

The Berling gas and condensate discoveries are located in the Norwegian Sea in PL 644 and PL 644 B close to the Åsgard B platform. OMV is the operator with 30% working interest. The first exploration well was drilled in 2018 and proved gas and condensate. The appraisal well were drilled in 2019 and 2020 and confirmed presence of hydrocarbons.  OMV submitted the Plan for Development and Operation to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in late 2022. The development concept is a 4-slot subsea production template tied back via a 24-kilometer pipeline to the Åsgard B platform. The Plan for Development and Operations was approved by Norwegian authorities in June 2023.


  • 2005 Registered in Norway
  • 2006 Established in Oslo, Norway
  • 2007  Awarded first licenses as operator on Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • 2008  Moved office location to Stavanger, Norway
  • 2009  Awarded production license as operator with 40% of PL 537 in the Barents Sea
  • 2011  Acquisition of 15% share in the Zidane discovery (PL 435) in the Norwegian Sea from Noreco
  • 2012  Acquisition of 15% share in the Aasta Hansteen field development (PL 218) including gas pipeline Polarled in the Norwegian Sea from ExxonMobil
  • 2012  Acquisition of 20% share in the Edvard Grieg field development (PL 338) from RWE Dea
  • 2013  Acquisition of stakes in the North Sea producing field Gullfaks (19%) and the Gudrun field development (24%) from Statoil (Equinor)
  • 2013  First oil discovery in PL 537 (Wisting) – the northernmost oil discovery on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • 2014  The Gudrun field in the North Sea commenced production
  • 2015  The Edvard Grieg field in the North Sea commenced production
  • 2016  Achieved world record horizontal drilling of appraisal well at PL 537
  • 2018  First gas discovery in PL 644/PL 644B (Iris Hades)
  • 2018  The Aasta Hansteen field in the Norwegian Sea commenced production
  • 2019  The operatorship of the Wisting development was transferred to Equinor. OMV will take over as operator at first oil
  • 2019  The Iris appraisal well  confirmed presence of hydrocarbons
  • 2020  The Hades appraisal well confirmed presence of hydrocarbons
  • 2021  OMV sold the entire 25% stake in the Wisting licenses (PL 537 and PL 537 B) to Lundin Energy
  • 2022  Submittal of the Berling PDO to Norwegian authorities
  • 2023  Berling PDO approved by Norwegian authorities

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