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Targets & Commitments

We are committed to building a sustainable world worth living in – for everyone. Sustainability and circularity lie at the center of our Group strategy. We aim to become a net-zero-business by 2050, accelerate the energy transition, and proactively expedite the transition from a linear to a circular economy. We build positive relationships with our employees, communities, suppliers, and other stakeholders, including by addressing social and economic effects of the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy. Our Sustainability Framework is built around the three pillars Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

Our Strategy 2030 is underpinned by this Sustainability Framework, with all business decisions guided by our ambition to become a net-zero business. Within our Sustainability Framework, we have established five strategic focus areas: Climate Change; Natural Resources Management; Health, Safety & Security; People; and Ethical Business Practices. For each of these focus areas, we have formulated concrete targets and actions to be achieved by 2030. These serve as OMV’s contribution to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

img_Header climate change

Intensity Targets

Carbon intensity of energy supply

-15 – 20%
Target 2030

Reduce carbon intensity of energy supply by -15 – 20% vs. 2019


Target 2040

Reduce carbon intensity of energy supply by ≥50% vs. 2019


Methane intensity


Target 2030

Achieve an E&P methane intensity of ≤0.1% 



Absolute Targets
Scope 1 and 2

Target 2030

Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by ≥30% vs. 2019


Target 2040

Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by ≥60% vs. 2019


Scope 3

Target 2030

Reduce Scope 3 emissions by ≥20% vs. 2019


Target 2040

Reduce Scope 3 emissions by ≥50% vs. 2019


Flaring and Venting

Target 2030

Zero routine flaring and venting of associated gas as soon as possible, but no later than 2030



Key Actions:

  • Phase out routine flaring and venting
  • Conduct energy efficiency programs
  • Run methane leakage and repair programs
  • Purchase 100% renewable energy in the C&M business segment
  • Decrease production and sales of fossil fuels (reduce oil and gas production levels to around 350 kboe/d and reduce crude distillation throughput by 2.6 mn t by 2030)
  • Increase production of renewable mobility fuels and sustainable chemical feedstocks to approximately 1.5 mn t, and produce and market at least 700,000 t of sustainable aviation fuels by 2030
  • Establish CCS storage capacity of around 5 mn t/year CO2 net at OMV by 2030 (thereof 2 mn t/year at OMV Petrom)
  • Build up around 10 TWh of renewable energy production by 2030 (including geothermal, PV, wind)
  • Pursue uptake of green gases, such as biogas and H2, primarily from trading, in gas sales portfolio mix
img_Target 7
img_Target 13

img_header natural resources management

Circular materials


1,400 kta

Target 2030

Establish production capacity of approximately 1,400 kta sustainable (including recycled and biobased) polyolefins and other chemicals



Fossil resources


350 kboe/d
Target 2030

Reduce use of natural resources by reducing oil and gas production levels to around 350 kboe/d and by reducing crude distillation throughput by 2.6 mn t






Target 2030

Increase waste reuse and recycling from operations




Water withdrawal



Target 2030

Reduce freshwater withdrawal



Key Actions:

  • Build up capability for the procurement of sustainable feedstocks (plastic waste and bio-feedstocks) for poly­olefins
  • Accelerate development of and scale up the advanced mechanical recycling business and chemical recycling business
  • Develop and implement a sustainable product portfolio for biobased polyolefins
  • Establish design for recyclability and reuse businesses for polyolefins
  • Optimize water management in operations
  • Develop environmental targets
img_Target 3
img_Target 6
img_Target 8
img_Target 9
img_Target 12
img_Target 14
img_Target 15

img_header health_safety_security




Target 2030

Stabilize Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) at below 1.0 per 1 mn hours worked





Target 2030

Achieve zero work-related fatalities



Process Safety    

img_icon check

Target 2030

Maintain leading position in
Process Safety Event Rate




Key Actions:

  • Develop HSSE strategy and annual HSSE plans
  • Continue Borealis integration
  • Safety Leadership Program and Safety Culture Program
  • Continuously improve process safety management
  • Learn from incidents
img_Target 3
img_Target 8
img_Target 16

img_header people

Women in management


Target 2030

Increase share of women at management level to 30%




Women in executive management

Target 2030

Min. 20% of Executive Board members are female (stretch target: 30%)




International experience


Target 2030

Maintain high share of executives with international experience at min. 75%




International management

Target 2030

Increase share of international management to 65%




Employee training

Target 2030

Increase average number of annual learning hours to at least 30 hours per employee




Disability support

img_icon status
Target 2030

Increase support for employees with special needs at our main locations



Human rights due diligence

Target 2030

Conduct human rights assessments and develop action plans for all OMV Group operations with a high level of human rights risks every 5 years




Community investments

Target 2030

Direct at least 1% of Group investment per year toward social goals (based on previous year’s reported net income attributable to stockholders of the parent)



Key Actions:

  • Establish a global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Board/Council
  • Conduct regular global people and culture surveys
  • Regularly report on gender-related salary equality
  • Regularly report on age distribution to identify gaps and foster intergenerational collaboration
  • Introduce a non-discrimination policy
  • Improve support for working parents
  • Improve support for employees with special needs
  • Introduce yearly learnings awards
  • Provide employees with the ability to self-monitor their learning hours
  • Roll out new leadership training and assessment to reinforce inclusive and growth mindset behavior
  • Introduce mandatory human rights e-learning
  • Integrate Climate Change and Just Transition into the Human Rights Management System
  • Pursue a social investment strategy addressing the UN SDGs and reflecting the continued increase in social spending
img_Target 1
img_Target 4
img_Target 5
img_Target 8
img_Target 10
img_Target 16

img_header ethical business pratices

Supplier evaluation


Target 2030

Extend sustainability evaluations to suppliers covering 90% of Procurement spend



Carbon footprint of suppliers

img_icon status
Target 2030

All suppliers covering >80% of Procurement spend to have carbon reduction targets in place



Key Actions:

  • Screen all suppliers against mandatory ESG criteria during supplier prequalification
  • Foster the digital availability of compliance services and information, in particular by broadening the functions of the OMV Compliance app
  • Operate a state-of-the-art Compliance Management System (verified and approved according to IDW PS 980 standard in 2022)
img_Target 8
img_Target 13
img_Target 16

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