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Managing Oil Spills

Industry events in the last years have shown that the environment can be significantly impacted in the event of an oil spill. Thus oil spills are one of the most serious environmental risks in the oil and gas industry.

OMV hydrocarbon spillage was 36,874 liters in 2018. Spills and leakages were mainly due to process safety incidents, primarily caused by corrosion of aging infrastructure, or security incidents.

Oil Spill Prevention

According to OMV requirements an environmental/spill risk assessment must be conducted for all operations and project activities. All processes, utilities and drilling systems shall be designed and/or equipped with appropriate technical controls measures, as secondary containment, overfill protection measures, leak detection and emergency shutdown, corrosion control and prevention systems. Spill risk assessments include an analysis of the risk, nature and potential consequences of all oil spill scenarios.

Oil Spill Intervention and Response

In accordance with OMV’s Group Standard Environmental Management, spill prevention, control and response procedures are required to be implemented and regularly tested for all facilities and operations. The purpose of conducting these exercises is to test the oil spill response plan, the available oil spill response equipment, and the capabilities of the response team. Such drills are carried out on a regular basis in all OMV operations.

OMV’s Spill Preparedness and Response Procedure provide the framework for this and it describes the implementation of a multi-stage response system.

When oil spills do happen, prompt action minimizes the impact. In the event of a very large oil spill, considerable amounts of equipment and expertise may need to be mobilized on an international scale. For this purpose, OMV Group has signed an agreement with Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), to provide oil spill response services to nominated upstream sites/installations in the event of a major oil spill.