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All biofuel volumes purchased by OMV comply with the highest sustainability standards and meet the requirements of them Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC) of the European Union. The EU requirements focus on applying sufficient environmental and social principles along the entire supply chain of biofuels in order to prevent any sustainability-related issues.

OMV (OMV Downstream Unit) is the first organization in Austria to verifiably produce fuels with biogenic components in a sustainable way and market them countrywide through its own filling station network.

The sustainability of the applied biogenic components was rewarded with the ISCC-EU certificate for OMV (Downstream Unit), demonstrating our compliance with the highest legal sustainability standards.


OMV continued its development efforts in the co-processing of renewable feedstocks. Adding a mixture of alternative and biogenic fuels to gasoline and diesel is an important issue at OMV. In many countries the legislation requires increasing percentages of biogenic fuels in gasoline and diesel. However, these admixtures can have an impact on engine and vehicle components. OMV is consequently investigating new co-processing technologies to increase the quality and stability of fuels with biogenic components. For traditional biofuel mixtures, the biogenic component is added to the fuel after production. Co-processing introduces the biogenic additive already in the production process. 

Find out more about co-processing in our factsheet:
Factsheet Co-Processing (PDF, 608,9 KB)