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Supply Chain Management

Procurement and compliance

Our suppliers must comply with both legal requirements and our HSSE standards. To ensure the suppliers’ support of OMV principles and to mitigate the risk of forced labor, slavery and human trafficking, OMV´s supply chain partners have to sign OMV´s Code of Conduct. OMV reserves the right to terminate the relationships with suppliers, if issues of non-compliance with applicable policies are discovered, or non-compliance is not addressed in a timely manner.

In addition, suppliers of OMV Supply & Trading Ltd. are required to sign a business ethics clause, where they assure that all activities will be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws and governance regulations and the highest standard of business and ethics.

Moreover, OMV uses tools, such as 360-degree feedback, supplier evaluations and audits to assess and monitor a supplier´s adherence to the principles outlined in OMV´s Code of Conduct. For reviewing the main suppliers, OMV regularly engages external supply chain auditors. The selection of suppliers to be audited is based on a broad risk assessment which also includes social risks. Where a supplier does not act with integrity or does not have suitable controls in place, OMV will consider whether it can work with it to implement improvements or terminate the relations with the supplier.

Working with local suppliers

We encourage local procurement in order to create shared value in our local communities. Spending with local suppliers accounted for more than 88% of total expenditures in 2018. Furthermore, we support local suppliers by improving their capabilities to meet higher technical, HSSE and business standards.