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  • Start: since 2016 and ongoing
  • Country: Serbia
  • Partners: Caritas Serbia
  • OMV Focus Area: Community Relations and Development
  • Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals: 4 – Quality education


  • Facilitate teenagers’ social integration into society
  • Decrease unemployment rate of the focus groups - teenagers in low income families and with those having difficulties in their social environment


Young people from socially vulnerable groups are given the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and technical skills at OMV filling stations. The young teenagers participating in the project also get the opportunity to socialize with their colleagues. Most importantly, they get the chance to gain and develop working habits. They learn in their daily business activities to be responsible and improve their communication skills while interacting with customers and colleagues.

  • Start: 2019
  • Country: Serbia
  • Partners: Srbijašume – a national forestry company
  • OMV Focus Areas: Business Principles and Social Responsibility, Carbon Efficiency
  • Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals: 3 – Good health and well-being, 13 – Climate Action


  • Enhance local environmental quality
  • Take Climate Action
  • Strengthen the teambuilding at OMV Serbia


Employees of OMV Serbia planted black pine seedlings on one hectare in the area of the Cestobrodica in Eastern Serbia, contributing to the need to rebuild large areas of clear-cut forests and to the fight against climate change. This employees’ activity is only one in a series with which the company wants to contribute to raise the quality of the environment.

In contact with Srbijašume, a national forestry company, OMV encountered a very cordial, but also professional willingness to support this initiative. With their assistance, a suitable location, as well as the right type of seedlings were selected. Srbijašume also assisted in organizing the activitiy, in ensuring the safety of all participants and in instructing participants in tree planting.

According to official data, Southeastern Europe, including Serbia, is one of the most endangered regions affected by climate change, primarily due to an increase of the average annual air temperature and irregular precipitation. Due to uncontrolled logging, the average percentage of forests in Serbia is currently around 29%, while in Europe it is between 30% and 40%.

A growing forest like this newly planted black pine forest, with a surface of one ha, processes about 180 tons of carbon dioxide. Its role in purifying the polluted atmosphere is even more important than its role in oxygen production. More than that: forests are known to play an important role in preventing the formation of torrents, soil erosion, and forests are the best and cheapest filter for drinking water. In addition, the forests reduce noise, sediment the dust, calm with the silence and positively affect our health.