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Oil is too valuable to be burned

What we do with it makes the difference. That’s why OMV refines crude to a material for high end products, which will remain in demand in a decarbonized world. They form a basis for our daily lives: from lightweight parts for the automotive and aviation industries, solar panels and wind turbines, medical products, smartphones and computers, to packaging protecting food items and much more.

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OMV & petrochemicals

By further developing our business model, we intend to establish a sustainable portfolio of energy and chemicals that also includes recycling. The imminent majority shareholding in Borealis will provide a foundation for this evolution. And with this we are ushering in a transformation: From a traditional oil and gas company, OMV will become a global gas, oil and chemicals group, one whose significantly expanded value chain extends from the wellhead to the refinery to high-quality plastics and includes recycling. With this, OMV is laying the ground for a lower-carbon future.

  • Expand the value chain across the entire lifecycle of plastic products (OMV and Borealis combine chemical and mechanical recycling potential) and evolve into a leader in recycling
  • Grow, add value, and promote sustainability
  • Safeguard the company strategically and increase its earnings power
  • OMV and Borealis are active in over 120 countries on 5 continents

Value chains & processes

OMV has begun its transformation from a traditional oil and gas company into a global gas, oil and chemicals group. The value chain extends from the wellhead to the refinery through to high-quality plastics. With this, we are laying the ground for a lower-carbon future

Together, OMV and Borealis will proactively expedite the transition from a linear to a circular economy. With this, we want to be a technological force, leading the way in overcoming one of the greatest challenges of our time: making a lower-carbon future a reality. In the field of chemical recycling, OMV is doing groundbreaking work in the industrial production of synthetic crude from plastic waste with its ReOil pilot project in the Schwechat Refinery.

Borealis is involved in mechanical recycling and already operates two recycling companies in Germany and Austria and is the co-founder of “Project Stop”, a project that introduces suitable waste management systems to reduce pollution in the oceans of Indonesia.

  • Chemical recycling:
  • Mechanical recycling: