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You are interested in generating your own individual PIN for your OMV Cards? You have come to the right site!

Via this secure web page you agree to the following terms and conditions for selecting your individual PIN. 

Please use below field "Customer-Chosen PIN" to create your individual PIN. It is necessary to confirm your PIN by repeating it in the dedicated "Repeat PIN" field.

You undertake to keep your individually chosen PIN strictly confidential and to confer such obligation on subsequent OMV Card users.

Please bear in mind an individually selected PIN cannot be assigned to already existing OMV Cards.

Please conclude by clicking "Submit".

OMV Card Pin (PDF, 111,5 KB)

You are visiting a secure website of OMV Refining&Marketing GmbH. At no point in time will any OMV employee know about your individually chosen PIN. For data security purposes it is of utmost importance, you choose your PIN yourself, we as OMV Cards team cannot do this for you. We as OMV are solely responsible for processing your PIN information.
In case you have any questions please contact us directly at

OMV Custom Pin