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Hydrogen on the road

Hydrogen is the key to unlocking the future of transport. With the investment decision taken together with Kommunalkredit AG to build a 10 MW electrolysis plant at the Schwechat refinery, we have laid the foundation for hydrogen production. We also look forward to working with Austrian Post to further develop commercially viable solutions for hydrogen use in heavy-duty transport, thereby contributing to carbon emission reduction.

Hydrogen: the energy technology of the future

Hydrogen plays a central role in energy technology for achieving climate targets and reducing carbon emissions.

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How does a hydrogen filling station work?

At a hydrogen filling station, you count in kilograms, not liters. However, what is familiar is the refueling process itself: Open the filler cap, insert the filler neck and press start. The car is filled up in about three minutes. So in terms of time and effort, it's almost identical to gasoline or diesel.

Hydrogen powers the fuel cell

Hydrogen is full of energy. A kilo of hydrogen has the same amount of energy as 2.8 kilos of petrol. When used in a fuel cell, the efficiency is twice as high as in a combustion engine – the only emission produced is water vapor - making it the perfect fuel alternative.


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