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E-charging at OMV Filling Station

The fuel mix at the filling station of the future will be far more diverse. Even though fossil fuels will continue to play a major role, electro mobility in the form of electricity and hydrogen are already present and will continue to gain popularity. This is why OMV is also supporting these sustainable road options and has joined SMATRICS with an interest of 40%. The remaining shares in SMATRICS are held by VERBUND with 40% and SIEMENS with 20%.

SSMATRICS is the complete provider for all services related to electromobility and is the first to offer a complete, high-performance charging network throughout the whole of Austria with charging stations within a radius of around 60 kilometers, which is 100% powered by renewable energy from VERBUND. The SMATRICS charging network now has around 400 charging points throughout the whole of Austria.