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Welcome to the VIVA World of Pleasure

OMV filling stations become service centres
The OMV filling station has always been the place to go for first class fuels and lubricants. But over the years our clients have come to appreciate a growing number of service offers that are provided for a pleasant break. Our efforts to cater to people who are on their way, culminate in the creation of the VIVA line of shops and gastronomy which have been extended and upgraded continuously over the last years. In doing so, VIVA has created a new form of filling station ambiance that invites the traveller to take a pleasant break from life’s bustle at a place that features high-end ambiance, a top-quality range of products and staff with a focus on the clients.

At VIVA we offer freshly made snacks and over 1,500 products of daily use, premium coffee, a gift shop, the VIVA Vinotheque and a variety of services that cater to a mobile life style. There are over 900 OMV filling stations with VIVA in nine European countries ranging from Germany to Romania.

The pleasure of a smile
Service is an art that must be studied and practised. All filling station partners and staff are intensively trained to service the client. They must understand every new product that is offered and so to bring the VIVA philosophy of pleasure to our clients.

Convenience & pleasure: Shopping on the way at VIVA

Who says people only shop at a filling station in an emergency? The pleasant ambiance, the high quality interiors, the innovative (day) light concept create the perfect “ feel-good-atmosphere”.

A surprising choice of products neatly arranged
Our clearly structured choice of over 1,500 products of daily use makes shopping at VIVA an easy pleasure. The VIVA Vinotheque features top wines from selected vineyards at the perfect temperature to take home. There is also a gift shop with a great variety of products and a choice of electronic cards.

The optimal coffee experience at OMV VIVA

Convenience and pleasure are the key elements when it comes to meeting driver requirements. It is important to continue developing our products, to ensure top-level service and the optimal coffee experience to the costumers. The modern coffee consumer is demanding, with a distinct sense of what constitutes quality coffee and an appreciation of an appealing coffee ambience.

A good cup of coffee symbolises a moment of pleasure in everyday life – and at OMV VIVA, a particular importance on those moments are placed, which accompany everyone throughout the day. Many years have been invested in the quality of the VIVA coffee world, to always provide the costumers with the best coffee and the ideal coffee atmosphere.
New: Italian-roasted
The new VIVA CAFE comes from the renowned traditional Gimoka coffee roasters in Italy close to Lake Como. Specially selected baristas and the VIVA CAFE team have been working here on the new VIVA CAFE blend for the last half-year. The result is a VIVA CAFE based on the finest Italian roast. The best coffee beans, carefully roasted to create a unique and balanced coffee aroma with the finest crema.

A wide range of varieties & ongoing training of the VIVA CAFE team
The new VIVA CAFE is available exclusively at all OMV VIVA stations. The VIVA CAFE team carefully and freshly prepares delicious speciality coffees: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and many others. And of course, all are available as coffee-to-go.