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Fuel Cards

We offer you the perfect OMV fuel card for companies of all industries and sizes. Whether car, truck or electric car, with our fuel cards for companies you will find the right solution for your fleet. Refuel easily, securely and cashlessly at around 2,100 service stations including Avanti, DISKONT service stations at the HOFER parking lot, Petrom and all stations of our ROUTEX partners.

OMV Card with ROUTEX-function

Fill up all over Europe! The OMV Card with ROUTEX function is ideal for your company if your fleet comprises more than 5 vehicles or your annual fuel consumption exceeds 10,000 liters. Whether you refuel nationally or internationally, acceptance of this fuel card includes over 20,000 selected service stations in 32 European countries throughout the ROUTEX network. Refuel safely and cashless with only one fuel card the guaranteed quality of all OMV fuels in Austria as well as all over Europe!


OMV Climate Neutral Card

Climate-neutral driving! In addition to the avoidance and reduction of greenhouse gases, offsetting CO2 emissions is another important step in integrated climate protection. Your OMV Climate Neutral Card offers two different approaches for this: total offsetting for all liters refueled or individual offsetting for a desired liter quantity - flexibly configurable according to your customer or route requirements.


OMV E-Mobility Card

Europe-wide charging and refueling! The OMV E-Mobility Card is your sustainable and supply-secure provider for your mixed fleet. Regardless of whether you operate nationally or transnationally. Our card is accepted at up to 34,000 charging stations at Europe's largest high-performance networks.



Station Card Plus

Refuel regionally! Refuel easily, securely and cashless in your region. The OMV Station Card Plus is ideal for your company if your fleet comprises up to 5 vehicles or your annual fuel consumption is up to 10,000 liters. With this regional fuel card, you can refuel at all OMV and Avanti stations as well as DISKONT service stations at the HOFER parking lot throughout Austria.


Further fuel card services