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Heating Oil

With OMV heating oils, we offer you quality products for reliable heating. We supply commercial, industrial and trade customers quickly and directly with a wide variety of heating oil qualities at the highest OMV standards.

OMV Heavy Heating Oil

OMV Heavy Heating Oil is mainly used in large industrial combustion plants with a heat output of 10 megawatts (MW) or more. The quality characteristics are defined in ÖNORM C1108. Permanent product developments and quality controls ensure the highest operational safety and maximum economic efficiency. The higher residue content of this heating oil is reflected in the characteristic values density (15°C), viscosity (100°C), sulfur content, corking residue and sediments. 

OMV Light Heating Oil

OMV Heizöl Leicht Schwechat 2000 is cost-effective and comes from Austrian deposits. It offers absolute security of supply and requires little space due to its high energy content. OMV Heizöl Schwechat 2000 is an economical, high-performance and reliable fuel for all light heating oil systems.

OMV Heating Oil Extra Light (HEL)

OMV Heating Oil Extra Light (HEL) is a fuel standardized according to ÖNORM C 1109. It is mainly used in modern, maintained oil heating systems in single and multi-family houses, while burning with low emissions and without residues. We offer HEL in the quality grades "standard" and "low sulfur" - with a calorific value of approx. 10 kWh/liter and 11.9 kWh/kg respectively. The standard grade contains a maximum sulfur content of 0.10% by mass, while the low-sulfur grade contains less than 50 ppm (0.005% by mass).
In order to being easily distinguishable in visual and laboratory-analytical ways from other comparable mineral oil products, we add chemical marking additives and red dye in precisely defined concentrations to our HEL in accordance with EU directives and national tax laws.