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Our Corporate Design

Strong companies create a distinctive appearance through their corporate design. “OMV – the energy for a better life” transmits our identity to an external audience and explores the needs of our daily lives.

The way a company is perceived is often determined by emotions; this is why the external appearance is just as crucial as the value a company creates for society. OMV supplies the energy that is an essential part of our lives – this is the basis of our brand identity. The corporate design gives a uniform brand profile and every element (logo, slogan, typeface, colors etc.) ensures that we speak a single visual language and have a uniform external (and internal) appearance.

However, a coherent appearance is only possible when it is precisely formulated. Our OMV Design Guide presents the basic elements of the corporate design and serves as a guide for communication media. Please use this guide as an everyday assistant in your work with the corporate design.

The OMV Logo

The logo is OMV's unique symbol of recognition. It represents the competence and success of our brand. In its form our logo creates a fixed and unchangeable unit comprising word and design.

Read here how to use the OMV logo correctly. The most important guidelines concerning usage of the logo:

  • The logo should be reproduced in optimum quality (original artwork).
  • The logo always stands on a white background.
  • The word and symbol combination of the logo must not be separated.

All logo variations can be downloaded here:


JPG format, zipped (17KB)
72 dpi, for use in office applications or the web.
Please note: not suitable for printing!
LOGO in RGB (ZIP, 17,5 KB)


EPS vector graphic (59KB)
300 dpi, for professional reproduction on a white or neutral background (logo without white space).
Logo in CMYK (ZIP, 13,4 KB)


EPS vector graphic (55KB)
300 dpi, for professional reproduction on a colored (non white) background (logo with white space).
Logo in CMYK with white space (ZIP, 12,9 KB)


EPS vector graphic (53KB)
300 dpi, logo in black & white
Logo in SW (ZIP, 12,7 KB)

Logo Styleguide (PDF, 194,2 KB)
OMV Design Guide (PDF, 6,4 MB)