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Petrochemical Products

The term petro-chemistry, although rather uncommon, covers many everyday products: plastics, softeners, washing raw materials, solvents as well as preliminary products for additional chemical processing. Petro-chemistry is concerned with the production of chemical elements based on petroleum. The raw material of petro-chemistry is primarily petroleum. This is also the reason why petro-chemistry and refineries work very closely together.

Benzene & C7-Section: Basic Elements for Chemistry
Benzene is one of the chemical industry's most important raw materials. As the most simple aromatic hydrocarbon, benzene plays the decisive role in the production of high quality synthetic materials with special features, such as nylon and polystyrene. Alongside this, there are also numerous further applications such as artificial resin, detergent and other complex organic and aromatic compounds.

OMV's C7-section is used as an important additive in lead free gasoline. Its feature of preventing pre-ignitions ("knocking") is thanks to C7-section. C7-section increases the octane rating, optimizes performance and spares the engine.

OMV Germany sells benzene and C7-section from the refinery of Burghausen exclusively to business customers in the industry.

From Tires through to Designer Dresses
The chemical component, butadiene is further processed into synthetic rubber and plastics and as such is hidden in numerous everyday objects, e.g.: shoes, synthetic fibers, paper, paints and varnishes, computer casings, toys and much more. The principal customer, however, is the tire industry.

OMV has already been producing this vital element since 1983 in the Schwechat  Refinery (Austria). In 2010 the one millionth ton of butadiene was filled there. In spring 2015 the newly installed butadiene extraction facility in the Burghausen Refinery (Germany) was commissioned.  OMV will now provide about 6% of the butadiene production in Europe. Supply is conducted economically friendly by rail to major international customers, from the intermodal transport.

C4-section is a special product, which is produced in significant amounts in the ethylene plant of Burghausen Refinery. Customers include large companies from the German chemical industry. They extract among other things the chemical element, butadiene, which is contained C4-section.

OMV sells butadiene and C4-section exclusively to business customers in the industry.

The Basis for High Quality Plastics
Modern life is inconceivable without plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. Through the combination of particular qualities such as malleability, lightness, firmness and durability they have replaced heavier more energy intensive materials and play a decisive role in the production of foils, packaging, instruments, fenders and many high-tech products.

At the basis of all of these products are the chemicals ethylene and propylene, which is yielded by the OMV refineries of Schwechat at Vienna (Austria) and Burghausen (Germany).

Due to long-term contracts, these valuable materials are largely delivered by OMV via pipeline   from the refineries at Schwechat to Borealis in Schwechat, and from Burghausen to the neighboring companies: Borealis, Wacker and Vinnolit. OMV has a 36% stake in the Borealis Group.