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Pakistan: Key Community Development Projects

  • Start: from 2003 until sale of asset in June 2018
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Partners: Government: Department of Education & Literacy, Sindh, District administrations of district of Khairpur, Sukkur & Ghotki. Army Public School & College (APC) in Pano Aqil Cantt, District Sukkur. Sindh, The Citizen Foundation, Tahzeeb Development Foundation and Kashf Foundation
  • OMV Focus Area: Community Relations and Development
  • Supported UN Sustainable Development Goals:  1 – No Poverty, 4 – Quality Education, 5 – Gender Equality, 6 – Clean water and sanitation


  • Provide quality education to the girls and boys in the surrounding communities around OMV’s operational sites
  • Professional development of teachers by providing classroom training and school based academic support


With the slogan "Rising through Education" OMV had launched its primary education program in partnership with the education department and local community. The closed government schools were reopened in the villages around OMV’s operational sites in the Sindh Province of Pakistan where the population is scattered across the villages and poverty is prevalent in the area. OMV ensured a better school environment and quality education for the children. The program includes the establishment and operational management of more than 65 primary schools with the enrollment of more than 4,000 children and more than 110 local teachers.

The Training Resource Centre (TRC) had built local capacity of teachers of OMV supported schools and generated local employment opportunities in the area. Local teachers trained by TRC also got permanent jobs in the government system. The presence of local teachers, especially of women, in schools not only ensured regular classes but also increased girls’ enrollment and their further retention in schools.

In partnership with the non-profit organization "TCF" (The Citizen Foundation) OMV had established TCF primary and secondary schools for more than 1,500 pupils at locations where a large number of children were out of school and where no school facility was available in the nearby area. A separate secondary school for girls and boys along with women teaching staff had encouraged parents to allow their daughters to continue their secondary education and helped in improving the gender education gap in the area.

About 55 boys from Miano villages were provided assistance and financial support for secondary school education in nearby towns.

It was also aimed to build the capacity of local youth in technical and vocational skills. More than 100 young men and women had completed their vocational education courses. These trained people were either employed or generating income through self-employment.


  • Provide access to quality education in an environment that encourages intellectual, moral and spiritual growth of children/youth, especially girl
  • Provide economic opportunities to local women in order to improve the status of women and to raise the family income
  • Build capacity in vocational skills and generate employment opportunities for local communities across OMV’s supply chain


Educational opportunities for girls were generated: including the first secondary school facility, scholarships for higher secondary school and engineering university education. The program also gave the opportunity to recently graduated female engineers to join a two-year trainee program at OMV’s field site and gain hands on knowledge and experience of process facility.

The role of women in improving the economic status of their families has been enhanced by building their entrepreneurship skills through business loans, improving their financial management skills by delivering financial education training and reducing family level contingencies by providing micro-insurance services. The intelligent design of the program had ensured that education by The Citizen Foundation (TCF) and the livelihood program by Kashf Foundation were not dependent on OMV’s funding in the long run and continue providing its services in the communities without OMV’s support.



  • Provide infrastructure for fulfilment of basic needs of local population


OMV Pakistan, together with JV Partners, haed provided and installed three solar water pumps in Jhal Magsi, a district of Balochistan province in Pakistan, where production blocks Mehar and Kuhan are situated. This remote area is characterized by rare reserves of sweet water and very low rain. The provided submersible pump systems are solar powered and benefit around 10,500 populace, 64,500 livestock and 55 acres land with approximately 1,000 m³ per day since August 2017.