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Petrochemical Applications

What we do with it makes the difference. That’s why OMV refines crude to a material for high end products, which will remain in demand in a decarbonized world. They form a basis for our daily lives: from lightweight parts for the automotive and aviation industries, solar panels and wind turbines, medical products, smartphones and computers, to packaging protecting food items and much more.

Products and applications for a better life

Many people wish for a world without the use of oil and plastics. But what would that mean for our healthcare? What would happen to our quality of life without petrochemicals in medical applications? Imagine you need to see a doctor and there are no face masks or sterile disposable gloves. And did you know that plastic is made from crude oil?

Plastic pipes have become indispensable in today's world. Plastic pipes offer durable solutions for different challenges. Plastic pipes have many advantages. They are lighter, more flexible, easier to lay and have a higher life expectancy. They can be installed 30% faster than metal pipes. That′s why demand for plastic pipes is increasing.

The last decades have seen many advances in the field of functional clothing. Functional clothing is often needed in adverse weather conditions as well as for certain jobs. Compared to 1970, 15 times more synthetic fibers are produced today. One reason for this development is the increased demand for cutting-edge functional clothing. Sneakers, workwear, sports goggles, sportswear, bicycle helmets - clothing without synthetics is hard to imagine these days. In contrast to the past, nowadays clothing made of synthetic fibers is breathable, windproof, waterproof, and also protects the person wearing it. That is why it is impossible to imagine functional clothing today without synthetic fibers.

Getting around is essential in our society. To get from A to B quickly, we often need a vehicle. And imagining any vehicle without plastics is simply impossible. Dashboards, seats, bicycle sattles, steering wheels. Tires, bumpers. Plastic is easy to shape, comfortable, inexpensive and light weight. Thanks to plastics, vehicle components are 50 to 75% lighter. Lightweight components are particularly important for electric cars, as the range depends heavily on the weight of the car. And lighter vehicles save fuel and therefore costs and emit less CO2. For this reason, it is impossible to imagine road use today without plastics. And did you know that plastic is made from crude oil?

We have come to rely on our electronic devices and internet services. But electronic devices need cables and cables need plastic. Did you know, for example, that without plastic we would not have the Internet? And to bring the Internet to your home, hundreds of thousands of kilometers of cable have been laid around the world. Each cable is sheathed and insulated with plastic. And did you know that plastic is made from crude oil?