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OMV Exploration & Production boosts efficiency in well planning through integration and automation

  • OMV Exploration & Production works with Schlumberger to become the first fully integrated E&P company along the well planning process.
  • Fully functional the use of DrillPlan will reduce the well engineering time by 90% for development wells.


Currently well planning engineers are using a significant proportion of their time for activities humans are particularly bad at like searching for data, quality checking data, or doing repetitive work steps. Planning the wells is more a sequential task of many functions with a lot of interfaces where excel files are created out of systems and transferred.
The time employees are using for the tedious tasks mentioned above is painfully missing in areas like corporate learning, experience sharing and capture.
This highly disintegrated siloed system bears many risks along the way for data transfer mistakes, versioning mistakes and errors in communication. Additionally it is very hard for people to feel responsibility for the entire value chain of a certain product like a “well”. 


The human strengths need to be augmented with the strengths of the machines wherever possible and useful. This development is enabled and accelerated by the underlying data platform Delfi which will be used by applications like Petrel and DrillPlan. The significant advantage is that all applications are working on one common data set. OMV Well Delivery sees in the integration and orchestration along the entire value chain the biggest potential of digitalization. Digitalization will to a big extent take over the orchestration of collaboration with all data provision, experience management, and repetitive work steps. The project shall disrupt the existing bespoke well design/planning process and replace it with standardization and commodification principles of mass production and automated manufacturing


The technology of Delfi and DrillPlan will enable and accelerate the integration within OMV Exploration & Production. This will result in significantly accelerated business development, more successful exploration, faster and cheaper field development, and more efficient workovers and interventions. The freed up time of the employees is sifted to areas where used best and most needed: corporate learning, training, experience sharing and capture.