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Our product portfolio

All along the Danube, across the Adriatic and the Black Sea we supply the best quality marine fuels, that fulfill all current standards. Together with all our partners, we and our experienced fuel specialists offer certified professional services and expert advice.

After many years of experience, we also know what’s important in the industry and are always well prepared to respond to both MARPOL regulations and market changes. We of course support the new regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and offer IMO2020-compliant marine fuel with 0.5S. Find out more about IMO2020 here .

Our product portfolio:

  Marine Gasoil (MGO) RMG180 0.5S RMG380 0.5S RMK700 max. 2.5S
Triest     x x
Venice x   x  
Constanta x x x  
Vienna x      
Linz x      
Bratislava x