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A complete overview every month

Once a month, or on request twice a month, as an OMV Card Holder you get a clear statement including practical item list for fuel use analysis and evaluation. This item list also itemizes all services purchased with your OMV Card. In fact, you can even choose to have each card assigned to a specific cost center. For more even greater data analysis, all your cards can be encoded so that mileage and/or a driver identification is mandatory during the checkout process.

Your four stage accounting benefits at a glance:

  • Consolidated Invoicing: lists all the services purchased in each country. The total for each country is then shown in the currency of the card issuing country.
  • National Invoicing: includes all payments in the card issuing country.
  • International Invoicing: includes an invoice or debit note for each supplying country, in the local currency. This is important for VAT recovery.
  • Reverse Charge Invoicing: is issued when payments have been charged to the card in the billing period covered by the EU directive 2008/8/EC (reverse charge services). This invoice may include transactions from separate countries.

On request we can send you fast, easy and environmentally friendly invoices in electronic form via e-mail. This means serious time and cost savings.

Example invoice: collective settlement,  (PDF, 5,5 KB)
Example invoice: national, (PDF, 5,9 KB)
Example invoice: international,  (PDF, 5,5 KB)
Example invoice: Transaction list,  (PDF, 5,8 KB)

OMV Card e-invoicing
Dear OMV Card customer,
Please find a short instruction, how to do the Verification of digitally signed PDF document with Adobe Acrobat in 6 steps.

Short User Manual (PDF, 1,1 MB)