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Electric Mobility

OMV is building a network of 16,000+ charging points in our core markets in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on ultra-fast chargers. The company will invest 400+ mn to power electric mobility by developing a dense, fast and reliable ecosystem of charging solutions with the customer needs at the heart.

Approx. 20% of the GHG emissions are generated by transport and businesses and drivers are looking to reduce their CO2 footprint. The European Union is facilitating this transition through policies that subsidize the electrical vehicle acquisition, charging and parking and adoption is accelerating across markets with 10-15% of new cars registered being electric or hybrid.

OMV will launch eMotion as new brand for its e-mobility products and services. To enable ultra-fast charging on the go, for private customers as well as business customers, OMV will install more than 2,000 charging points in its own stations and furthermore expand beyond the current network to offices, retailers and private homes. The ecosystem of charging solutions will be powered by green energy and a digital hub that will offer seamless integration at the station and across the network.

OMV is investing over EUR 400mn, along with decades of experience in mobility and cars and its passion for sustainability to deliver top notch EV charging services for drivers and businesses.

img_Electric Energy_Charger Network-Grafik_01_EN

Mobility has been a basic human need since the beginning of humanity. It is essential for economic and social progress. We all want to travel for leisure and business reasons, broaden our horizon, visit friends and family … but without contributing to environmental pollution. OMV is expanding its product offering with innovative solutions to get from A to B with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

Over the coming decades, OMV will invest heavily in new, innovative technologies and infrastructure projects to produce sustainable fuels for air, road and marine transport. A total of EUR 13.2 bn will be invested in low-emission projects by 2030.

img_E-Motion_Bild 2_EN

More Information

OMV Strategy 2030 towards a net-zero emissions company by 2030

  • OMV aims to become a leading, integrated sustainable fuels, chemicals and materials company with a strong focus on circular economy solutions
  • Net-zero (Scope 1, 2 and 3) to be reached by no later than 2050
  • Shift towards low-carbon business; stop oil & gas production for energy by 2050

Based on this new strategy representing the most fundamental strategic shift in the company╩╝s history, OMV aims to become a net-zero emissions company by no later than 2050.